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Love Actually: A Many Splendored Thing—8 Celebrity Pairs Talk About Real Love

Love Actually: A Many Splendored Thing—8 Celebrity Pairs Talk About Real Love

Love isn’t just for married couples or for lovers. It certainly goes beyond hugging, kissing and other tokens of affection. And for sure, it can be shown in many ways. In a world that has become cynical and doubtful, here are eight celebrity pairs who prove that real love is multi-faceted and strong and—most of all—it exists!

Love is being there for each other.

For this fabulous pair of sisters, real love comes in the form of unconditional support. Jessika, a graphic artist and entrepreneur, makes sure to be there for the important occasions of Janeena, an event host and performer.

The bond goes back to when they were younger. One time when they were still both studying at St. Jude Catholic School (Jessika was in high school while Janeena was in grade school), Jessika sneaked out from class so she could watch Janeena sing in a contest. “I pretended I was going to the restroom but I walked all the way to the next building to where the auditorium was,” Jessika reveals.

Janeena (who is younger) is supportive as well. When Jessika’s boyfriend Nox was going to propose to Jessika, at first Janeena wanted to give them private time. But then she realized that she couldn’t miss the biggest event yet in her older sister’s life. “So, at the last minute, I dragged my boyfriend to drive me to Tagaytay so I could be there for the proposal. Good thing I made it in time!” Janeena cheers.


Love is date night with your spouse.

After years of marriage and five children, TV host Edric Mendoza and his wife Joy still keep the flame of their love burning? How? They go on a date once a week, just the two of them. Edric has a ready reply when their kids try to stop them from leaving. He says, “Kids, Mommy and Daddy want to show their love for each other that’s why we are going on a date night.”

Joy is very thankful she has a husband who is very loving. She says, “In our years together, he’s never given me any heartache. He always makes me feel secure.”

Love is an unspoken bond.

Since giving birth to Nataleia Martine (nicknamed Leia), Sam Godinez-Valenciano has never been apart from her baby even for a day. So Sam felt bad when she had to leave her baby for three days to fly to Taiwan with husband Paolo to watch a Coldplay concert. Sam entrusted the care of Leia to her mother and Sam also made sure she pumped enough breast milk for her baby.

When Sam came home from the trip, she hurried to the nursery and carried Leia to be breastfed. The little girl responded by staring into her mother’s eyes. At that point, Sam’s joy as a mom was so complete! “It was like Leia was saying ‘I love you and thank you’ to me at the same time!” she exclaims.


Love is supporting each other’s endeavors.

The year 2014 was a busy one for young directors Antoinette Jadaone and Dan Villegas. Antoinette was working on three movies: “Beauty in a Bottle,” “That Thing Called Tadhana” and “Relax, It’s Just Pag-Ibig.” Meanwhile, Dan was directing the Metro Manila Film Festival entry “English Only Please.”

Antoinette exclaims, “Grabe, magulo talaga ‘yon!”

Dan felt so pressured, he wanted to quit. But Antoinette encouraged him to keep going, and he did. His efforts paid off, as “English Only, Please” eventually became a box-office and a critical success at the MMFF.

The win seemed like a perfect way to cap off the duo’s rollercoaster year. The milestone marked the start of their A-list careers and strengthened the bond between Dan and Antoinette.


Love is respecting each other.

Stylist and entrepreneur Bea Constantino and photographer Sara Black started becoming closer after they broke up with their respective boyfriends.

Bea, who was then nursing a broken heart, noticed that Sara looked happier and healthier. Asked what her secret was, Sara replied, “Single eh!”

That comment broke the ice, and marked the start of their strong friendship; they’ve been best friends ever since, and have embarked on a road to wellness together. They meditate. They do yoga and other fitness activities. They research on endeavors to make themselves better individuals. While they do a lot of things together, sometimes they disagree. (“What works for Sara will not necessarily work for me,” says Bea.) But always there is a profound respect for each other and a firm determination to be the best they can be.


Love is taking care of each other.

Deuce Manila DJ Patty Tiu fell in love with radio personality Mark Thompson unexpectedly. “I used to date girls and I wasn’t planning on going on straight, but he was the exception,” Patty says of Mark.

The turning point in their relationship happened when Patty had to fly to Myanmar for a gig shortly after her father’s death. She was worried about leaving her mother alone, but Mark volunteered to keep an eye on her mom. Ever since, Mark has become a part of Patty’s family, driving Mrs. Tiu to the doctor’s clinic for check-ups and keeping her company whenever Patty is away.

Like other relationships, Patty and Mark do have misunderstandings, but there is one thing that Patty will commit to Mark whether they are in good terms or not. “Each day, I always prepare his baon and water for work,” Patty pledges.

“She’s the boss!” Mark remarks good-naturedly.


“Love is being happy for your friend.”

Both Myrrh Lao To and Eds Cabral style celebrities and talents for TV commercials and fashion editorials. While they work in the same industry (sometimes, they even have the same clients), there’s no jealousy when the other gets a bigger project or gets hired by a more prominent client.

Masaya kami para sa isa’t-isa,” declares Eds.

Myrrh drops whatever he’s doing whenever Eds has a personal problem and needs his support. Similarly, Eds is always present for Myrrh’s most important events, especially when he joins beauty contests. Eds was the happiest spectator when, after repeated attempts, Myrrh won his first crown at the 2013 Ms. Queen Independence Quezon City pageant.

Tuwang-tuwa ako!” Eds recalls. “Ako kaya ‘yong may pinakamalakas na sigaw para kay Myrrh!

Love is treating each other like family.

Vania Edralin is more than a manager to the athletes in her agency—she is their friend and mother. “I prefer to describe myself as a ‘momager,’ [a] combination of a mom and a manager,” says Vania.

Her being a “momager” is evident especially at the games of volleyball star Alyssa Valdez, who is the first athlete who signed with her management. Vania is a constant presence at the Phenom’s matches, from Alyssa’s days at the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) to the Premiere Volleyball League (PVL), where Alyssa currently plays for the Creamline Cool Smashers.

Alyssa is very appreciative that Vania makes time to come to her games. She says, “Ang relationship namin more than manager-athlete. Pamilya talaga ang turing namin sa isa’t-isa.”

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