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Cheat Sheet: Teach Your Guy These Tips On Getting That 'Action Star' Jawline Without Surgery

Cheat Sheet: Teach Your Guy These Tips On Getting That 'Action Star' Jawline Without Surgery

A chiseled jaw on a guy is straight-up sexy, all girls would agree. It maybe how it somehow adds to his masculinity and 'tude. Some personalities like Xian Lim, Piolo Pascual, and Erwan Heussaff are blessed with it. As for the unfortunate rest? Needs more, hmm, chiseling, otherwise it's a (double) chin that would only require surgery to come out sculpted.

Yet, there are other, cheaper non-invasive ways to get that coveted facial feature. Check out these following tips!


1. Do jaw exercises. Like how you would work out to get those dream abs, exercise your jaw. Just add it to your gym routine, and you're good to go!

2. Consume more water and less salt. Diet plays a major role in attaining a chiseled jawline: Consuming too much salt can make your face bloated, while water helps your skin moisturized and somehow leaner.

3. Smile! Aside from being a mood enhancer and helps you look younger (who would not love someone who always optimistic?), smiling helps exercise your facial muscles as well!

4. Trim that facial hair. Whether you want to have a beard or not, facial hair can make or break your jawline’s overall appearance. Put definition to your jaw without covering it with hair or completely shaving it. Ditch a complete shave (it makes you look puffy anyway) for an electric razor trim. The five o'clock shadow should give a shape to it!

5. Moisturize. Make it a habit to give your whole face some TLC. Vanity aside, regular exfoliation and moisturizing of your face gives you a glow to help make your facial features stand out. 

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