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The Six Fix: Fictional Men We Wish Were Real (The K-Drama Edition)

The Six Fix: Fictional Men We Wish Were Real (The K-Drama Edition)


By Jonnie Anne Ngo
Chalk Campus Correspondent


If you're as much of a K-drama addict as we all are here at Chalk, you'd agree that obsessing over the leading men of your favorite shows is the best pastime ever. We know that they're just fictional TV characters, but we have to admit that we always end up fantasizing meeting them in real life; or, at the very least, finding someone as sweet, brave, loving, and dashing as they are.

Then again, there's little else in life that's as perfect as a romantic Korean drama. While we lament that our love lives aren't the same as our our OTPs, we're just going to daydream about these cuties' flawlessness and hope that, one day, their lovable characters will be reincarnated IRL. Here, we rundown our favorite K-drama stars who have clearly raised our standards in men. We can't seem to pick our One True Oppa from the list!


1. Do Min Joo from My Love From the Star

As crazy as it sounds, Kim Soo Hyun played this role really well to the extent that we all somehow wished to experience being loved by an extra-terrestrial. Aside from his intelligence, the way he'll go out of his way and even risk his safety just to prove his love and affection will absolutely make you feel all mushy!


2. Kang Chul of W Two Worlds

In every comic book, there will always be a character that makes every girl’s heart flutter, and in this case–it’s Kang Chul! We couldn't be any happier that Lee Jong Suk was casted for this role. He plays Kang Chul, an animated webtoon character with a traumatizing past, who encounters a real-life doctor who finds herself inside the comic book a.k.a. Kang Chul's world. Their thrilling adventures and rocky road to romance instantly made the drama a hit! The way Kang Chul does all things for Oh Yoon Joo despite their differences will make your heart melt!


3. Kim Shin from Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Because who doesn't want to have a Goblin for a boyfriend?! Gong Yoo captured our hearts as Kim Shin—and can we just express how perfect he was for the role? He is the kind of man who's loyal and always present in times of his bride’s needs. With his extraordinary abilities, wouldn't it be amazing to have him as a partner? Late for school? Want to go to Canada, like, right now? No problem! Goblin boyfie will take you there with his powers. After watching this drama, you'll definitely never view pouring rain, blowing candles, or lighting matches the same way again! 


4. Lee Young from Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds

Even IRL, Park Bo Gum is almost every woman’s ideal type. He is bubbly and sweet—just like his role as the Crown Prince in this drama. The Crown Prince is a smart and responsible heir who excellently established his kingdom with peace and fairness while balancing his unlikely relationship with Hong Ra-on (Kim Yoo Jung). With a prince like him, there's no way you can't feel like a true princess!


5. Wang So from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

He may have an unbreakable aura, but you'll be amazed at how he still managed to develop a loving heart even after going through so much pain in his life. After getting used to being alone almost his entire life, he met Hae Soo—and life was just never the same for him. He's one of the most faithful guys, tirelessly showing you how much he loves you with his constant efforts to express his love.


6. Yoo Si Jin from Descendants of the Sun

The reason Song Joong Ki has become the ideal man for girls all over the world. Captain Yoo Si Jin from special forces will show you that he isn't just a fighter of his country's freedom, but also a soldier of love. And although his and his girlfriend's (Doctor Kang Mo Yeon played by Song Hye Kyo) busy schedules barely meet, he makes their relationship work despite all the odds. Song Hye Kyo is truly a one blessed gal, don't you think? 


(Bonus) 1. Joon Young from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Nam Joo Hyuk definitely gathered himself more than his fair share of fangirls with his role as Joon Young in this lighthearted show. Joon Young is a cheerful athlete, son, brother, boyfriend, and friend who will always show support for his loved ones. He's playful and energetic, but turns serious when it comes to his swimming competitions and, of course, his love for his girl Kim Bok Joo. He's the type of guy who will still run after you even after a huge fight. He loves to make surprises and adventures that will always make his girl’s day unforgettable! What. A. Dreamboat.


(Bonus) 2. Jung Hoo from Healer

Having a "protector" who'll constantly watch over you may seem disturbing, but if he's as attractive as Ji Chang Wook then we totally wouldn't mind! Aside from the fact that he's cute, he'll always make you feel safe and secure. Not only does he know how to fight, he's also capable of sweeping you off your feet with the way he expresses his love and care for you. And how about his mysterious charm? We want a healer, too!


(Bonus) 3. Yoon Yoon Jae from Reply 1997

From one of the legendary K-dramas of all time, how could we ever forget Seo In Guk as Yoon Yoon Jae? He completely melted our hearts with his cute yet manly irresistible charm! He's the type of guy who you can be BFFs with and would make sure that you're truly happy with your relationship with him as you two become lovers. He will never let you down and even sacrifice what is needed because when he loves, he loves deeply.


Did your One True Oppa make it on our list? Let us know in the comments! 


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Photographs from One TV Asia (Do Min Joo), DramaBeans (Kang Chul, Yoon Yoon Jae), Korean Dramaland (Goblin/ Kim Shin), Youtube/KBS World TV (Lee Young), YouTube/ Yeah TV (Wang So), Soompi (Yoo Si Jin), Allkpop ( Joon Young)




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