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In Focus: 10 Things Only Wesleyan University-Philippines Students Can Relate To

In Focus: 10 Things Only Wesleyan University-Philippines Students Can Relate To


By Miko Pagaduan
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Ah, Wesleyan University-Philippines. To the people from the metro, this school may be unfamiliar, but ask people from Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija what it is, two words will come out of their mouths: the best. Why? It’s an autonomous university, a status that the rest of the schools and universities in Nueva Ecija have yet to achieve.

Aside from its overwhelming reputation, there are some things that can only be shared by one WUP student to another. Below, you’ll see the list of things that are for Wesleyanians only!

1. John Wesley Park. As you enter the campus, a golden guy will approach you. He’s not Oble in a horse, though. He is the John Wesley, founder of Methodism. Since WUP is named after him, it would've been a shame if he didn't have a statue inside the university. With all the holiness it embodies, this statue is not cursed—and you can still graduate even if you take a picture with it.


John Wesley

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2. Mang Maning. If Thomasians are proud of their Ate Yema, Wesleyanians have Mang Maning. Considered as an icon in the Wesleyan community, he is all sorts of special as he sells ice cream all around the campus. He even has his own Facebook page! Sashay away from the school premises if you haven’t tasted his cheese-flavored ice cream. Your favorite ice creams can choke.



3. Main Gate Turnstile. Just this year, the university administration put turnstiles in all entrance gates of the university—and that’s something very new for WUP students. Although this is just months old, it already placed an impact in the minds of every Wesleyanian. The struggle of getting a new ID for the turnstile is real, with some students enduring the long queue just to get one.


4. #OOTD Wall. Fashionistas of WUP won’t need to make the long drive to BGC for the 'gram. They just need to bear the heat of the sun and pose along the "OOTD Wall" located inside the university. This gift of nature brings that coveted ~aesthetic~ to WUP’s model-wannabes.


5. The beach volleyball court. Fake news became prevalent in the Philippine archipelago this year and Wesleyan has its own version: the beach volleyball court. Commonly, beach volley courts use pure sand, but for us, the sand may seem legit even if it’s not. It’s actually 50% sand and 50% gravel. Many students get fooled by this, but if you’re going to pull off a Mocha Uson and ask "Gaano po ito katotoo mga ka-DDS?" you can just ask Wesleyanians for a verification. Or you can go there and touch it.

6. Ate "Flying". Aside from Mang Maning, another notable icon inside the school is Ate Flying. Named Maria Fe Tongga in real life, she doesn’t fly as her nickname suggests. Wesleyanians are just too lazy (or hungry) to ask her name while ordering the flying saucers she sells. Ate Marie’s ham-and-cheese/Oreo/sisig/tuna-filled snacks are a favorite among students because it's so cheap and yummy! Too bad she left the school already, but Ate Flying’s memories will always be in our hearts… and tummies.


7. Mr. and Ms. Wesleyan. Truly, Wesleyanians love pageants—and the crowd during Mr. and Ms. Wesleyan can prove it. Aside from basketball games during Palarong Wesleyan, the gymnasium is always jam-packed with people when the university is going to crown its new Mr. and Ms. WUP. Every students’ foundation week will be boring if he/she won’t attend this glamorous night.


8. OMG. It's not your typical reaction when you see your crush. For Wesleyanians, it has a different meaning. OMG or Official Magazine of Genré is WUP’s official magazine. Produced by the university’s official publication Genré, this Chalk-slash-Metro version of WUP is available for free to all the school's students. Surely, every Wesleyanian would go berserk just to get a copy. Well, who wouldn’t? Besides, it reaped awards in regional and Luzon-wide conferences.


9. Tricycle drivers. Uber and Grab don’t belong in a typical Wesleyanians’ daily routine, but tricycles do. Whether you’re going in or out, trike drivers around Wesleyan will definitely ask you if you need a ride home. Irritating, but classic. Cabanatuan is the Tricycle Capital of the Philippines, anyway.


10. Autonomy. Wesleyanians won’t be needing a dictionary to look for the synonym of "autonomous" because they already know the answer: their beloved school. One’s life as a WUP student isn’t complete if he/she never boasted this popular Wesleyan reputation. Just like UP, Ateneo, La Salle, and UST, Wesleyan University-Philippines is an autonomous university. And who wouldn’t be proud of it?


For fellow Wesleyanians who finished the list, do you think some things were unmentioned here? Feel free to say it by commenting down below!


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Banner photograph from Wesleyan University-Philippines.




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