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College Hotties Speak Out: What Is It Really With Simple Girls?

College Hotties Speak Out: What Is It Really With Simple Girls?

For majority of the male population, the simple, effortlessly beautiful girl knocks out Miss Party Girl or Miss Fashionista in the race to their hearts. Why? That I cannot answer for sure, so we got these seven college cuties to give the lowdown on why they prefer simple girls. Read on as the Chalk Bright Young Manila Male Campus Hotties dish about why they find simple girls alluring:

“For me, girls stand out when they're wearing super simple clothes. In terms of makeup, I like it when they keep it natural looking and don’t overdo it. I like a girl who is confident, someone who really knows herself and is comfortable in her own skin, truly stands out.” – David Mendoza, The Fitness Buff of Ateneo


“I prefer a simple girl because I'm not really much for parties. I go out to clubs and stuff, but it's not really my thing. Any girl catches my eye if they have a great smile. I've been attracted to girls who aren't conventionally beautiful but have gorgeous smiles.” – Maqui Castelo, The Creative Cutie of Ateneo


“I prefer simple girls because they can balance having a good time with doing serious work, and also because simple girls are not too braggy and treasure their privacy. A girl can get my attention if she's reading books, and then wearing eyeglasses, and if she's always silent and mysterious. If she’s not wearing too much makeup then I can really gauge her true beauty.” – Dale Corpus, The Ultimate Fighter of FEU


“Simple girls don’t wear too much makeup, hence you can really see their natural beauty. I'm attracted to chinky-eyed girls, but of course good character is a big plus.” – Mike Gella, The Scene Stealer of CSB


“I like simple girls because they don’t need to do much to look beautiful—they look drop dead gorgeous just with their smile.” – Christian Padilla, The IT Boy of PUP


“I prefer a simple girl, one that doesn't mind going to parties and such, but does not make them an every night type of thing. If she's able to have her priorities straight I find that very attractive!” – Josh Torralba, The Baller Next Door of DLSU


“I’d actually prefer someone in between a simple girl and a party girl—someone who you can kick it with and go out with, but I wouldn't want her to hide her pretty face behind make up anyway. Plus, it's harder for me to notice a difference in make up anyway. Unless she caked of course...” – Jules Aquino, The Incredible Hunk of UP Diliman


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