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The Six Fix: Relationship Red Flags That Are Ultimate Deal Breakers

The Six Fix: Relationship Red Flags That Are Ultimate Deal Breakers



Whether you're already in a relationship or still looking for The One, knowing what and what not to look for in a partner is important for all of us. While you may already have standards set for yourself, there are also red flags that we must all watch out for—those indicators and warnings that something may happen or develop in the future. Of course, with modern dating, we all have to be careful or we’ll have our fragile hearts broken in a snap.

Here, we've listed some relationship red flags that may result in major heartbreak when left unnoticed!


1. History of cheating. We hate to generalize but you know what they say, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Cheating affects people in more ways than anyone can think of. There will always be those what ifs and whys. The people who are cheated on inevitably start questioning themselves, too. Being cautious about your partner's relationship history is not just about you doubting him or her, this is you protecting your heart from possible drama.



2. If they still talk too much about their ex. Talking with and talking about are two entirely different things. Although talking with an ex is another red flag and may lead to other serious concerns, talking about an old flame is just as alarming. This can be a sign that they are still not over their past relationship and you’re just one step closer from getting your heart broken without you knowing it.


3. You're not comfortable with their circle of friends. They say that you can judge a person by the people they surround themselves with. If you think that your prospect partner’s circle isn’t something you would want to associate with, just tick this box then say goodbye. We're not asking you to be judgmentala “trip to the dark side” isn’t at all bad. It’s just that you need to find someone who will make you feel comfortable while you’re pushing your boundaries. There is a perfect crowd for everyone; and, perhaps, this isn't the right one for you.


4. They have a short temper and anger management issues. Don’t get us wrong, arguing once in awhile in a relationship is actually alright—but constant fighting and dating someone that would want to change you just because they can't handle the real you, you better walk away (or sprint away). ASAP! This is a major red flag as you may be headed into an abusive relationship and you’re becoming someone you're not just to feel secure in a relationship. No, than you!


5. They're unable to understand your differences. Dissimilarities between two people are inevitable—this actually makes a relationship more interesting and less than a chore or routine. Differences push a relationship to grow because you learn from each other by discovering things you’ve never thought of before. Dating someone who’s not able to accept or even understand other people’s differing opinion, however—even yours—raises a blaring red flag that you should never put aside. You should never feel sorry for having a different opinion. You shouldn't change your opinion just because someone gets agitated when such scenarios arise. Remember: you do not shrink for the people you love; they make you grow.


6. You can't tolerate their level of neediness and controlling behavior. For some people, being someone’s whole world might mean a lot. Someone who will make their life revolve around you may seem romantic—a lot of people see neediness as cute and sometimes confuse it as loyalty and faithfulness. It's time to wake up from your lovey-dovey fairytale and face reality, though. This is one of the worst traits your partner can have. Them being controlling may put a giant wedge into your other relationships and may ruin them in the long run.


Bonus: Your friends are against it. Your friends know you. Sometimes, more than you know yourself. They are your friends for a reason and they know what or who you truly deserve. You just have to listen. Don't act as if it's a you-and-me-against-the-world relatonship. There are better things worth fighting for and there are other things worth fighting over with your friends and these don't include a significant other.


You will encounter things in a relationship that some people might consider as “red flags," but when you really think about it, they're just nitpicking. Of course, you won't find a perfect partner because everyone has their ticks. The important thing is you're both happy in a healthy relationship.


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