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In Focus: Viral Cuties–Trending Faces On Philippine Internet

In Focus: Viral Cuties–Trending Faces On Philippine Internet



Nowadays, a lot of things go viral on the Internet. As hard as it is to sometimes keep up with all the stuff going around online, there are some absolutely unforgettable things that grab our attention more than the usual 15 seconds—just like these trending cuties who caught our eyes and captured our hearts and broke the Philippine Internet as they trended nationwide! 

Carrot Man

This extremely photogenic farmer from Baguio immediately caught the fancy of netizens as a certain Edwina T. Bandong posted several photos of him on Facebook. Bandong and his friends were on their way to Sagada as they saw Jeyrick Sigmaton carrying carrots; hence, his nickname "Carrot Man." 

Badjao Girl

After a photograph of her in the streets of Lucban, Quezon surfaced on the Internet, the world was stunned with her raw Filipina beauty that netizens even compared the 13-year-old Rita Gabiola with certain local actresses. Her exposure led her to receive promises of aid as more people become more aware of her story. She also went on to join Pinoy Big Brother!


KFC's Gong Yoo 

After Korean actor Gong Yoo captured our hearts in the Korean hit series Goblin, it's just natural for us to see him everywhere—including a local fast food chain. Michael Cordovo became the talk of the WWW when a photo of him was shared online. We guess it's Kim Shin's turn now after Eun Tak did her part working at the Olive Chicken restaurant! *wink*


Jollibee's Chloe Grace Moretz

You don't even have to look twice before you notice that this gal has an uncanny resemblance to Hollywood actress Chloë Grace Moretz. When photos of Edcell Ched went viral on the Internet, everybody was #shookt—even Chloe Grace Moretz herself! The actress even took her astonishment to Twitter for the whole world to see!


McDo's Kuya

There's really something about fast food chains and cute guys, don't you agree? This photo of crew member started to go viral after a student from Far Eastern University named Gerson Raven used him as a subject for his photography class at school. Admit it, you probably would've done the same if you spot a cutie!


Which among these cuties captured your heart the most? And who do you think will be next trending cutie? We'll be waiting!


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Banner photographs from ABS-CBN News and ABS-CBN Lifestyle.




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