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In Focus: The Cast of Sister Act The Musical Gives Advice to Aspiring Actors

In Focus: The Cast of Sister Act The Musical Gives Advice to Aspiring Actors



Desiring to become a theater actor is a career path that many rarely want to embark on. However, considering the popularity of media and entertainment, being a theater actor is undoubtedly one of the most competitive career choices because there will always be a demand for new talents.

If you're one of those people, well, you're in for a treat! We got to chat with the ladies of Sister Act: The Musical during its limited run in Manila and we acquired some pretty valuable pieces of advice for those who aspire to be a successful on the stage.

So whether you're one of those courageous people or you're someone who wants to know if theater is the right path for you to take, read on to see what some of these veterans have to say about embarking on that journey!


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"I guess the biggest advice I could give is to enjoy this journey, and appreciate the experience—every experience. I think in this age of social media, everyone loves instant fame. I think we've lost the essence of what art is really about. This art of music and stage is really more inviting than sitting at home and watching something on your TV. So aside from the musical training and the acting training, enjoy the experience and appreciate it. I will never forget mopping and sweeping stages, building sets, and ripping down sets. I'll never forget working sound, learning about wigs, and how to do stage makeup. It was powerful and I enjoyed every experience of it because I never knew when I would need it. So, yes, you want the credit, you want to be on the stage and you want to sing, but when you bring your heart to something, you'd also want to love every bit of it. I would say, learn it all."—Dené Hill (Deloris Van Cartier)



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"I went to college for theater when I really knew it's what I wanted to do with my life. I recommend the same to any young actor. Even though I'm way past college now, I still value that training. I try to keep learning every day. The more you learn, the more you enrich yourself, and that's how you become a more interesting person. And the more interesting you get, the more you become a great actor."Rebecca Mason-Wygal (Mother Superior)

"I think being a theater actress is not that easy because you have to work on lots of things like acting, singing, and dancing. It's hard, but it's so worth it. So just hang in there and just keep doing it. Then you're going to be on stage and feel all the wonderful things."Sophie Kim (Sister Mary Robert)


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"I think it's hard to be a female theater artist, so surrounding yourself with an amazing support system is really, really key. Make sure you have friends and loved ones to support you. Hopefully, your family does and your parents and brothers and sisters because they'll be your biggest cheerleaders. And when you do make it on the stage, they'll be in the front row on the opening night—and it's really good."—Emma Brock (Sister Mary Patrick)

"I don't think it's hard. I think you have to be focused and you have to be disciplined, but I think if we love something as much as we love theater, and it's something that you'd like to pursue, you have to be serious about it. Because, in that respect, it's difficult. You're going to have a lot of people who'll tell you no, and you have to keep saying yes. Eventually, you'll get there. You have to believe in yourself." Nancy Evans (Sister Mary Lazarus)


Did you find their pieces of advice helpful? We hope this inspired you as you make your way to your dreams and pursue your passion! We wish you all the best!


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