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Kitchen Whiz: Some New, Healthy Ways To Eat Your Pineapple

Kitchen Whiz: Some New, Healthy Ways To Eat Your Pineapple

There are many things to love about piña, and we're not just talking about it as one of the raw material for our Filipiniana. Cuisine wise, this tropical fruit is used generously. We could just think of countless ways to consume pineapples—fresh, cooked, grilled, juiced, you name it. While we have yet to continue the debate on whether pineapples do count as pizza toppings or not, we've rounded up here a few pineapple-inspired recipes you should consider whipping up!


1. Pineapple pops. Instead of ice cream, indulge in this sweet treat that is both easy to make and healthy.  It's definitely perfect for beating the scorching heat!


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2. Carrot-pineapple smoothie. How to make a freshly squeezed pineapple juice healthier and more filling? By adding carrots (freshly juiced carrots is highly recommended) to it, and turning it into a smoothie that will also serve as an energy booster.


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3. Grilled pineapple. Outdoor grilling sessions would not be complete without grilled pineapples! Add some hot sauce to sliced pineapples before grilling, and you get a snack that is sweet and spicy at the same time. 


4. Cottage cheese and pineapple. These two ingredients make a great combination for people focusing on weight loss. Both ingredients are low in calories—cottage cheese provides a good amount of protein while pineapples pack some essential vitamins and minerals. A definite win-win!


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5. Singapore hot and sour prawn and pineapple soup. If you have some leftover pineapples, why not use them as a soup ingredient? The addition of the pineapple's sweetness complements the soup's hot and spicy taste.

6. Pineapple rice. Add a twist to ordinary rice with pineapples and red pepper flakes. You might think that the pineapple's sweet, fruity flavor would not go well with the spicy kick from the pepper flakes, but you'll be amazed at this unusual pairing. Pair it with shrimp or grilled chicken, and you have one delish and healthy meal!


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