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Kitchen Whiz: Say Hello To Your Yummiest, Healthiest, And Quickest-To-Do Breakfast!

Kitchen Whiz: Say Hello To Your Yummiest, Healthiest, And Quickest-To-Do Breakfast!

Most of us would struggle in preparing a hearty and filling breakfast to start off our day. To adapt to #adulting life, we'd either just go grab a quick sandwich bite en route to work, or forget to eat (which is a big no-no, as skipping breakfast has links to heart disease). If you would think about it, however, preparing breakfast yourself is not that difficult! Case in point? The recent popularity of overnight oats: This food trend is definitely “in,” as it saves you time in the morning and as healthy as breakfasts go.

No need to make excuses on not whipping up a good breakfast; check out these different overnight oatmeal variations!


1. Choco peanut butter overnight oats. Indulge your sweet tooth without feeling guilty with this recipe. It may sound sinful, but it is high in protein—a perfect go-to meal to keep you kickin' throughout the day.


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2. Carrot cake protein overnight oats. This "cake"—comprising of grated carrot and cinnamon seasoning—is easy to make, and it tastes close to the real carrot cake. Crave for cake and power!

3. Lemon, thyme, and honey overnight oats. Not a fan of sweets? Try adding lemon extract (or lemon juice, whatever you have on hand) to it. The lemon's zest balances the generally sweet taste of overnight oats. 


4. Blueberry overnight oats. The tangy taste of blueberries makes it a perfect topping for oatmeal recipes. The creator of this recipe thinks it tastes close to blueberry muffins!


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5. Figs and honey overnight oats. Figs also make great toppings for your overnight oats. Aside from being packed with fiber and calcium, they are sweet enough that you can forego sugar for honey instead. Check out the recipe here.

6. Cookie dough overnight oats. You can have your dessert for breakfast (and also lunch, dinner, and snacks) with this heavenly recipe. Cheers!


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