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Daily Diaries: Party Girl? Liza Soberano May Not Be Exactly That, But She Can Still Spell Nightlife!

Daily Diaries: Party Girl? Liza Soberano May Not Be Exactly That, But She Can Still Spell Nightlife!

We had a chance to sit and chat with Liza Soberano at a recent Samsung event and we were particularly curious about this pretty girl's take on partying after hours. A little bird sent a message our way noting that Liza isn't exactly the keenest party girl up front, but she does attend several for work and once in a while on special occasions. How does this girl wield her superpowers after dark? Let's check in, shall we.


How do you still manage to work the scene at a party with finesse if in the moment you're not exactly in the perfect mood to do so? 

"First off, I don’t normally go to parties, and if I do, it’s actually work related. Since it’s work related, I’m coming from work. That means, I’m tired and by the time I get to the party, I feel like I just want to go home and sleep na.


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"But then, I automatically try and turn my mood around by talking to people who I know or by eating the food I love to boost my energy up."


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"Yun, I just try to forget whatever it is that I’m worried about or whatever I’m feeling just to get through the night and enjoy."  


Merienda time with @dominosph ????

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What do you particularly love about socializing at night versus during the day? Care to share an unforgettable party moment that took place at night? 

"For other teens, they feel like they can do more things at night. One thing that I can recall that took place at night would have to be this Christmas party I put together with my friends which happened at my house. We were up all night playing card games, playing board games, and listening to music lang. We were up until like 5 AM in the morning, and they slept in my house na rin. So it was very fun." 

How do you and Quen usually keep in touch via mobile? Chat, text, or calls? And what do you like most about the way you two stay close?

"Text. But I’m a lazy texter, so he tends to start calling me when I don’t reply, or when he doesn’t reply, I call him. So then it eventually goes to calling, real conversations." 

What genre of music dominates your music playlist?

"Pop music and R&B."

The DJ is suddenly playing something way too retro for your taste, what song do you ask him to switch it to to get the mood up again?

"To get the mood up? Oh, my gosh. In a party? Something Fifth Harmony, probably 'Down' by Fifth Harmony."


He whispers to me, "Close your eyes love, people can see your heart right through them." @metromagph

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How do you and Quen bond when the sun goes down?

"If we’re not together, he’ll text me up and ask me if I’m doing anything. And most of the time, I do have work, and he has work. So, most of the time, we end up meeting each other in the night to watch a movie. We go to the cinemas and watch a movie. We love watching movies in the cinema mismo. We go to Breakout, or we eat. Breakout is when they lock you in the room and you have to figure a way out in less than an hour." 

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