Hot Stuff: Why ‘Digital Printing’ Could Be The Future Of Filipino Fashion

Hot Stuff: Why ‘Digital Printing’ Could Be The Future Of Filipino Fashion

Ever have those moments where you’d come across a particular design and think about how you’d really want to have that as a shirt? Of course, you have, and who hasn’t? It isn’t anything new either, especially that fashion and being style-current have become somewhat of an unspoken necessity nowadays. However, what usually follows is the frustration of not knowing how to go about it, or needing to have someone customize that piece for you. BUT, what if I told you that you could make your own designs, and simply print it out yourself?

Hinged on this futuristic need, printer company Epson has come up with, yes, digital textile printers. These are made to print directly onto fabric, which means you can just whip out a shirt, click print, and out comes your design. Epson even collaborated with renowned Philippine fashion designer John Herrera, who used Epson’s printers to produce designs for his line at the London Fashion Week. Not only did his work make waves, but he also won the award of Britain’s Top Designer of 2017.

“The feedback from the judges was fantastic—particularly about the incredible quality of the fabric. One said that the eagle designs that I had drawn and printed were so clear and crisp, they appeared almost 3D,” commented John Herrera on his work

These are perfect for both professional and aspiring designers, whose translations of their drawings have been made easier than ever with the desired quality. If this innovation could further Filipino creativity and give way to more employment, we’re down for it.

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