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Kitchen Whiz: Spam Is Life, Yes? Here Are Six More Creative Ways To Serve It!

Kitchen Whiz: Spam Is Life, Yes? Here Are Six More Creative Ways To Serve It!

No matter what they say about this sodium-laden, canned luncheon meat, we consider Spam as “life.” Invented in 1937 by Hormel, Spam became first known as a soldier’s go-to meal during World War II. It was so affordable and accessible to consumers that its popularity spread further across the world.

There are endless ways one can eat Spam—straight from the can or microwaved, with rice or bread, as an appetizer or main dish. And we won’t be surprised if anyone comes up with bizarre ones! Speaking of, we celebrate the 80th anniversary of this favorite balikbayan pasalubong with these unique recipes! 


1. Spam Nachos. Two of your favorites in one dish? Yes, please. Use Spam cubes instead of ground beef for your nachos—easy to do, really!


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2. Spam double down. Spam as buns for your bacon sandwich? This meat-heavy sandwich is perfect for those who are in beast mode after a gym sesh. Making this beastly treat is easy with this recipe


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3.  Spam Musubi. It’s a Japanese onigiri given a different twist by using slices of Spam. Originating in Okinawa, this delish snack is popular in Hawaii so much so it’s found in convenience stores and fine dining restaurants. You can make your own version by following this recipe.

4. Spam fried donuts. How about having a slice of Spam as the filling to your donut? While the idea may sound absurd for some, John Clarkson, the man behind the idea, claimed that his creation was well-loved by his customers. In case you like the idea, you can make something close to Clarkson's invention with this recipe.


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5. Spam Kimchi rice. Add Spam and rice to this well-loved Korean side dish and you have the perfect weekend comfort food! You can make a bowl of this delish rice meal and invite your friends over for a quick snack!


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6. Hawaiian Pizza Spam meatballs. Pizza in the form of meatballs? Yup, this unconventional dish is oh-so-yummy, you'd crave for more. The best part? The recipe for this cool snack is low in carbs and is gluten free (you read that right)!


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