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The Six Fix: Recently Canceled TV Shows That We Will Sorely Miss

The Six Fix: Recently Canceled TV Shows That We Will Sorely Miss


By Miko Pagaduan
Chalk Campus Correspondent

It's the weekend, and we're looking to our favorite shows to binge watch. While we all know that nothing is permanent, the bad thing it hurts to know that this applies to some of the TV shows that have saved us from eternal boredom and filled our sleepless nights with all the ~feels~.

Yes, we got attached, alright? And while Game of Thrones still has one more season left for us to obssess over, here are six of our beloved TV series that got axed that will definitely leave a void in our streaming queue.

1. 2 Broke Girls

After six seasons, Max and Caroline bid farewell to our television screens. For a show that taught us the true meaning of friendship, this cancellation put some major gloom on what used to be a great weekly starter for comedy show fans. Seriously, how could you not miss the girls' crazy antics?


2. Sense8

This is a no-brainer. Many were devastated (and outraged) when Netflix declared that the series that brought diversity and LGBT inclusivity to the table has been canceled. Even though social media was bombarded with protests and petitions, the Netflix team is still going to unplug the series.

But, a major development was recently announced and Sensates all around the world rejoiced as show creator Lana Wachowski penned a letter announcing the great news that Sense8 will be returning next year for a two-hour finale special! After that, everything will be up in the air again for the fans as everyone would still protest to #RenewSense8 and #BringBackSense8. And even if it ends… #SensatesForever!


3. Sleepy Hollow

Definitely a surprise. Sleepy Hollow fans weren’t ready to hold their heads with the show’s cancellation. It was considered by many as a fan-favorite, but the ratings of the show went down last March. Unlike Ichabod Crane, the show won’t be back from the dead.


4. Scream Queens

Despite changing things up during its second season to draw a wider audience, the Chanels were #draggedt to fresh hell. Though the show was highly buzzed about on social media, the Ryan Murphy horror-comedy anthology series still failed to find the solid audience it needed to survive.


5. American Crime

Deemed as the most decorated broadcast drama series on air, ABC still axed this drama. Regardless of the show’s multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, good ratings didn't come easy—and that's a crime that’s unfathomable.


6. Pitch

Our underdog pitcher failed to slay the home run and have left us all hanging. After the success it gained in one season, the show did not get orders back due to lack of viewership. It’s existence in global TV broke gender roles so its cancellation is truly heartbreaking.


All good things do come to an end, and sometimes it's sooner than expected. The only thing to remember here is we got to enjoy each episode while it lasted. Do you share our sentiments? Did we miss your favorite TV shows? Comment your #feelings below!


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