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In Focus: Why The #SongSongCouple Is Truly Meant To Be

In Focus: Why The #SongSongCouple Is Truly Meant To Be



We're still on Cloud 9 after finding out that one of our ultimate fave K-Drama couples has taken their love from reel to real and is about to tie the knot in October! The dating rumors have been spreading around ever since Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo began working on the drama hit Descendants of the Sun (DOTS), but the two have always denied it and laid low. 

However, there's no way you can hide something as strong as Hye Kyo and Joong Ki's love for each other! And we couldn't be any happier that their agencies have officially confirmed the real deal about their relationship because we've always thought these two were really meant to be IRL! Here are some of the reasons why we think so:


1. They'd make amazing-looking babies. Can you just imagine how beautiful their baby would look like considering the awesome genes of Hye Kyo and Joong Ki? Aren't you dying to see how their mini versions would look like?!


2. Hye Kyo doesn't even have to change her last name. Don't you think it's funny how they both have the same surnames? Or maybe it's a sign that they were really meant to be at the first place? Kidding aside, Hye Kyo marrying Joong Ki allows her to keep her surname and would definitely save her some paperwork! 


3. Their hit K-drama DOTS would be a treasure of memories they can always look back to whenever they'd reminisce their love story. Isn't it amazing how the beginning of their romance was birthed from a love story beloved by many? If they want to relive their precious memories of each other, they can always just watch DOTS and be reminded of the amazing connection they shared with each other on and offscreen.


4. Song Hye Kyo changed Song Joong Ki's type, and vice versa. It was reported that the first thing that Joong Ki notices in a woman is her legs, while Hye Kyo prefers a guy who's older than her. However, after the two met, both of their preferences have drastically changed. Joong Ki started to value a girl's eyes and lips more than her legs, while Hye Kyo became open to dating men younger than her despite her history of dating older men. Indeed, it's true when they say "The One" might not possess all the qualities that you want or wish for, but he or she will always be everything you'll ever need—and these two adorable love birds can absolutely testify to that! 


5. They do some of the most adorbable things ever.  Do you remember that time when Hye Kyo sent a coffee truck to Joong Ki at the set of Battleship Island with a sign that says, "Song Joong Ki, Battleship Island Staff, Stay Strong!” And what about that time when Joong Ki held her hand and treated her like a queen as she went down from the van for the Baeksang Awards? *BRB, melting*


Don't you think they are a match made in heaven?! We can't help but be excited for the new chapter of their lives as a married couple! How about you? What are your favorite #SongSongCouple moments? Share it us with us in the comments! 


Banner photograph from Song Hye Kyo. GIFs from GIPHY.




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