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In Focus: 5 Things NBSB Girls Are Tired of Hearing

In Focus: 5 Things NBSB Girls Are Tired of Hearing


By Monica Padillo
Chalk Campus Correspondent


All my fellow NBSB girls know this situation all too well—you go to a family reunion, talk to a tita we haven’t seen in a long time or haven’t met at all before, and get asked the most basic tita question, “May boyfriend ka na ba?”

And this isn’t even the first time we’re asked this. We’ve heard this question countless times on different occasions; and, quite frankly, it's getting tiring. That's not the only thing we get all the time, too. Here are the most common that all girls who've had no boyfriend since birth are tired of hearing.


"Bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?" To be honest, nobody really has a solid answer to this—or at least one that will satisfy everybody. So do us, and yourself, a favor by never asking this. Ever. Unless you're out to make a situation super awkard, just don't.


"Maybe you don't socialize enough" or "Baka naman masungit ka kasi!I socialize enough, TYVM. However, not all company is good company. If you ever catch me being masungit to someone, it might be because they’ve done something bad to me and they deserve it. If a guy ever does or says anything inappropriate to me then, as Simon Cowell puts it: "That’s a no from me." Next!


"Sige, tatanda kang dalaga." As if all girls fear this. Please. Don't me. 


"Your standards are too high!" No, they are not. There are billions of people in the world with different personalities and different lifestyles. We shouldn’t settle for anything less than what we think we deserve.


"Dapat may boyfriend ka para may inspiration ka every day." Oh, sorry, we didn’t know a boyfriend should be the sole reason for an inspired being. Honestly, life is too beautiful to dedicate it to only one person. Inspiration can come from anywhere, not just from romantic love.


It’s frustrating to be pressured into finding a boyfriend as if being in a relationship is mandatory. Let me give you some tea: we single girls are doing fine. We might not have boyfriends yet because we’re not ready. Perhaps, we're still too busy building ourselves to become the people we want to be. The truth is this: you have to be whole before you can expect to be the half of another person. Don’t worry, we'll have boyfriends when the right man comes—or, maybe, we'll have no boyfriends at all, and there’s totally nothing wrong with that.


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