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The Six Fix: 6 Movies That Are Awkward To Watch With Your Parents

The Six Fix: 6 Movies That Are Awkward To Watch With Your Parents


By Miko Pagaduan
Chalk Campus Correspondent            

Whether you're a teenager or a young adult, sometimes, it's unavoidable for you to go through movie hell with your parents. You know things will be awkward when you’re sitting on the couch with your family then BAM!—a sexually explicit scene pops out on screen. If only you can reach for the remote and turn it off, right?

Well, if you're planning for a Netflix-and-chill moment with your parents, here’s a list of movies you should totally not put on the queue. Are they Rated SPG? Hell, yeah.


Fifty Shades of Grey
If Dakota Johnson, who plays the Anastasia Steele, made her parents promise not to watch her in the Fifty Shades films, you should take your cue from her, too! With all the romance, drama, and a whopping scoop of eroticism, you wouldn't want your parents to see all that spanking in bed, especially with you. Cringe!


American Pie
Yes, it’s old and gold, but this teen sex-comedy film should definitely be banned on family movie nights. We're not saying it's a bad film, but things are gon' get bad when Jason Biggs's infamous pie scene comes onscreen and your folks are right there with you. No, thank you.


Brokeback Mountain
It may be a favorite among critics with four Golden Globe Awards to its name, but this should also be filed under this list. While we're all for LGBTQ themes, the steamy love scenes in this movie may just not be your parents' cup of tea.


Magic Mike
If you can bond over Channing Tatum's sexy-as-hell bod with your momma, then go right ahead. But if your dad is on the couch, too, then you might want to forgo all the strip-dancing and choose a different flick instead. Leave it for the girls, yeah?


Black Swan
With Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis starring in a girly ballet movie, this is flick sure seems lovable—but don’t be fooled. It’s a trap! The graphic girl-on-girl action and dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship in the award-winning film cannot be unseen, moreso with with your folks watching with you.


Sausage Party
If it’s a big no for the kids, the same goes with the ‘rents. This may seem like a fun animated comedy, but it's definitely not appropriate for everyone’s eyes and ears. With a lot of profanity and love-making featuring moving and talking foods, you might want to watch this with your barkada instead.


Have you ever had awkward movie nights with your parents? How did it go? Share your stories below in the comments!


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