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In Focus: Pineapple Lab's Andrei Pamintuan On Fostering Change, One Art Installation At A Time

In Focus: Pineapple Lab's Andrei Pamintuan On Fostering Change, One Art Installation At A Time

Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan is a living, breathing testament to the oft heard cliche: 'pursue your passion.' "There are a lot of factors and obstacles to practicing what you are passionate about," admits Andrei, "Over the years, I've worked really hard to stand by my passion. I had no backup plans, I just went for what brings me joy, what inspires me."

The 33-year-old Creative Director of Pineapple Lab has a gentle, unassuming manner that belies an inner strength. He is, after all, a pivotal force in turning Pineapple Lab into a artistic haven for emerging artists. “I've always dreamt of running an art space; it has been on of my life goals,” reveals Andrei. “I didn't know that it would come this soon, never expected it to happen right now.”

His years as a working artist in New Jersey and New York gave Andrei the perspective to recognize the needs of artists working in the Philippines. “Filipino artists have a 'bahala na attitude' when they create,” he observes, “No is not an option. They would beg, steal and borrow in order to express themselves. It goes beyond their need to be seen and heard. Their art acts as a message and a timecapsule of their current reality.” This was when inspiration struck. “Coming into Pineapple Lab, I knew that there was a need for safe spaces to act a place of convergence for ideas and thoughts. We opened up Pineapple Lab to all sorts of artwork that span a variety of genres.”

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From there, the space has flourished into a mecca of bold and fresh art that packs quite a powerful social impact. Andrei takes pride in the fact that he was able to contribute to this growth. “We made sure that the work that we present here is a reflection of the diversity of artists here in the country,” says Andrei, “It fills me with pride to see Filipino artists express themselves in ways that contribute to society, inviting introspection and intelligent discussions about issues that are relevant in today's world through their art.”

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Andrei is hopeful that this would trickle down to significant changes for the Philippines, where art becomes a vehicle for an exciting future. “The Philippines is still a young country. We've gone through a lot of disasters and upheavals but we have never lost our ability to cope with the worst that life throws at us,” says Andrei, “We are a country that is not afraid to evolve. The things that we, as a nation, are experiencing are instrumental to realizing our true potential as a people, where we collectively become Filipinos for the Philippines.”

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