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In Focus: Top 5 Life Lessons From International Fashion Designer Rocky Gathercole

In Focus: Top 5 Life Lessons From International Fashion Designer Rocky Gathercole


Rocky Gathercole’s life must have been every fashion designer’s dream. Imagine, dressing the likes of Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez—he’s totally got the best of both worlds, fashion and the A-listers. And here, Metro got the chance to interview the International fashion designer where he shares his gruesome journey to reaching his status now.

Keep scrolling to see some important life lessons you need to take note straight from the fantastic designer himself:

1. Accept criticism. "Nung una akong pumasok sa fashion, natakot talaga ako. Pero as time goes by, I've learned that accepting even the toughest criticism and knowing how to use it is a great benefit.

2. Personal design is important. "Many were asking what my inspiration is, but lately naisip ko na maybe it’s because I have no standard when it comes to designs. Nobody tells me when to stop and when to start, so everything is just really from me."

3. Hard work will pay off. "I really have no educational background when it comes to fashion. So, if you want to be a fashion designer, you should be aware of all the latest fashion shows, movies and events, that has become part of my self-study plus the magazines and all the designers that I look up to. They all serve as my inspiration."

4. Never give up. "Risk taker kasi ako, if there’s a chance, I’ll really grab it. When I was starting, I went to America, I tried doing a show there for my portfolio for Victoria’s Secret, but unfornately I didn’t make it through. Then, the next season, I did a show in New York, basta try lang ng try."

5. Do what you love. "Since I was young, I really love to draw people. My artworks were usually on the bulletin board when we were in grade school. Then I also love doing paper dolls and clothes for Barbie dolls. I don’t know, I think the love for fashion is just really here in me."

Catch the premiere of Rocky Gathercole's story on MMK, July 1, 2017, 8:30pm 

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