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Cultured!: Some Of Lang Leav’s Most Powerful Prose From Her New Novel ‘Sad Girls’

Cultured!: Some Of Lang Leav’s Most Powerful Prose From Her New Novel ‘Sad Girls’

Kween Pia Wurtzbach is having the time of her life—and it feels unnecessary to list down all the reasons why. Yet, she is still in the process of ticking things off her bucket list. Among those she has recently accomplished is meeting acclaimed poet Lang Leav in person. On an Instagram tribute to her literary idol, Pia even said, “Her books kept me company during my time in NYC.”

Pia met Leav at the author’s recent visit in Manila. The latter was here to promote her first novel Sad Girls. Pia would go home with an autographed copy of the book, leaving a sweet message about Leav online. “Thank you, Lang for being so nice and sharing some advice & words of wisdom." Leav, on the other hand, called Pia a "beautiful soul."

Lang Leav's body of work has influenced many since her Tumblr days in 2012. She has published four books of poems even before Sad Girls. For those who haven’t grabbed themselves a copy of her latest top-selling masterpiece yet, here are a few lines to digest!

On dealing with emotions: “Our emotions pull us in different directions. The stronger the emotion, the greater the pull. Feelings are not always practical, nor do they make any logical sense. That's just the way it goes.” 

On death: “Death, like fiction, is brutal in its symmetry. Take this story and strip it down—all the way back—until you are left with two points. Two dots on a vast, blank canvas, separated by a sea of white. Here, we have come to the first point, where the bat is drawn and the hand is reaching for the razor blade. I will meet you at the next, by the axle of a screaming wheel, the revolution of a clock, the closing of an orbit.” 

On love: “Because sooner or later, all kinds of love—crazy love, wild love—fade into the same thing. The love becomes old and predictable—safe.” 

On the relationship between writer and reader: “Writing is a conduit. It opens up a passageway into the past. Not just for the writer, but for the reader too. Both readers and writer are linked by the commonality of human experience.” 


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