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Hottie Alert: Tony Labrusca, The ‘La Luna Sangre’ Actor Who Trended Recently Is Definitely A Looker

Hottie Alert: Tony Labrusca, The ‘La Luna Sangre’ Actor Who Trended Recently Is Definitely A Looker

La Luna Sangre has been abuzz on social media since its pilot, thanks to the stellar cast and its movie-like cinematography. Yet, the teleserye’s June 27 episode became extra special, with the introduction of Malia Rodriguez (Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo) and Jake Arguelles (commercial model and former Pinoy Boyband Superstar contender Tony Labrusca). Fans took online their love over the chemistry between Malia and Jake, pointing out Jake's adorable efforts in wooing Malia:

Watching the  half-human, half-werewolf Jake charm his way into Malia’s heart, the viewers got easily drawn to his aura on screen. The ever-noisy Internet would then churn out  memes and tweets of admiration over Tony’s seemingly effective portrayal of the character...

Tony, of course, is a familiar face to some of us. After making the rounds online via the viral “Tuloy Pa Rin” series of McDonald’s commercials with Elisse Joson, Tony went on to join the reality singing contest. How’s that for multitalented?

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Off cam, Tony is a fun-loving joker and city scene staple. Yet, it’s cool to know he maintains great respect for women—in fact, he is a proud mama's boy! Mod Mom Angel Jones definitely raised him well!


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We recently caught up with Tony on his rising star. Here’s what the showbiz newbie has to say!

On being part of the La Luna Sangre: "It still feels about seeing myself on TV but I'm starting to get used to it. This is definitely an amazing experience for me and I'm stoked that I get to be part of so many action scenes."

On working with an all-star cast: "Every time we tape I have something I can learn from these veterans. What's great, too, is they're all so friendly to me and they're very encouraging."

On (possibly) having a crush on Kathryn:  "Maybe friends? I'm very new and I'm still getting the hang of things, but Kath has been very supportive and super friendly to me."

On becoming the next TV heartthrob: "I think the best thing to do it to practice your craft, protect your image, mold your brand and do what you love. Do what your passionate for and everything else falls into place."

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