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On Our Radar: Liza Soberano

On Our Radar: Liza Soberano

She's one of the brightest stars of her batch, no doubt. At 19, Liza's popularity and influence has even overtaken that of her seniors—more so now as she's been tapped to portray the iconic Darna. Let's get to know this week's hot property by reading all about her below!

Liza and Beauty

Here are seven other instances when Liza just made us want to get those scissors and snip away some of our hair. Read more>>>

The timeless beauty of the girl set to play Darna is all thanks to her heart-shaped face, angelic eyes, and, of course, attractive lips. Creating a certain balance when it comes to makeup is what makes her look ethereal. Read more>>>

Liza and Fashion

By now, you've probably gotten your hands on the first ever fashion magazine cover of phenomenal love team Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil (which cover is your favorite? Did you hoard both?)! Read more>>>

Can this screen siren look any lovelier? We can't help but go all heart-eyes-emoji over Liza's classy pastel blue lace dress that had everyone turning heads! Read more>>>

Liza in Pop Culture

We first thought of casting Liza as Betty because of her unmissable girl-next-door look and vibe. It was until we bumped into a shot of her in dark hair and makeup that we reconsidered her to assume the more sophisticated and sultry Veronica. Read more>>>



Even the actors from Suicide Squad and Twilight became instant fans of Liza at the recent Toy Con! Read more>>>

Liza and Fitness

A day after it was officially announced that Liza Soberano is the new Darna, we got to check out the young beauty's shoot for another exciting project. Truly notable during our time with her was seeing her easy camaraderie with her glam team, and how she's all pumped and ready to level up her workouts in preparation for her portrayal of the iconic Filipina superhero. She was even rounding them up for a boxing workout! Read more>>>

How else does Liza Soberano maintain her figure? By working out on her obliques with side crunches. Read more>>>

Liza and Relationships

If you’ve seen LizQuen’s new movie My Ex and Whys, you’ll see how trust plays a massive role in every relationship. And what’s particularly striking in this movie is how it genuinely depicted the struggles of a relationship when trust is broken. Read more>>>

How did LizQuen make us believe in forever more? Read more>>>


Liza and Enrique Gil


On the anniversary of the iconic Summer of Love, Metro returns to San Francisco, for a rendezvous unlike any other. For this issue, they took the country’s newest romcom prince and princess Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano on a grand tour of the most beautiful sights of the city. Read more>>>

The LizQuen feels are just so uncontainable!

Liza at the Star Magic Ball

How did Liza and her glam team prepare for last year's Star Magic Ball? Read more>>>

Liza Soberano's stunning beauty blew away everyone at the recent Star Magic Ball. Duh. Read more>>>

Liza at events

In the sea of Selena-tics danced, screamed, and cheered for Selena are no other than some of the Philippine's most beautiful faces, "it" girls in their own right including Liza! Read more>>>

Where does Liza and Quen go for their nightlife? Read more>>>



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