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Kitchen Whiz: Gently Flavored Homemade Bacon Is As Simple As 1, 2, 3

Kitchen Whiz: Gently Flavored Homemade Bacon Is As Simple As 1, 2, 3

Bacon from a grocery is what we're all used to. A lot of it is imported and we have our own local brands as well. What we don't really think about is how a lot of the packaged, branded bacon sources contain a certain amount of sodium and preservatives. All this could affect your health in the longrun if eaten in excess. But there is another way to enjoy your fill of bacon.  

This is still bacon, but DIY seasoned and very simply done with water, patis (fish sauce) and a mere ounce of patience.  We picked up this little homemade DIY bacon tip from Jojo, a neighborly father of four in Quezon City. The result is still delicious and you may be surprised. We tried it and reached for one more little heap of sunny-side egg and rice because it was quite good. 


Pork shoulder "kasim" cut ('bout half a kilo moderately frozen, not solid, then slightly thawed for slicing)

1 cup patis 

2 cups water


1. Slice kasim/pork shoulder portion into thin bacon strips to your preference, having the meat moderately frozen makes this easier. Only slice as needed from the portion when you are going to cook.

2. Combine the patis and water, soak bacon strips and marinade for 3-4 minutes. 

3. Remove from marinade (let excess water drip off first) and fry. Please note this type of bacon doesn't crisp up similarly to processed bacon but frying till well done should get it to look like this, and it is yum. 

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