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In Focus: Learn Maxene Magalona's Easy Get-Confident Tips

In Focus: Learn Maxene Magalona's Easy Get-Confident Tips



Often, we think of celebrities as picture perfect on- and off-camera, 24/7. True, they always appear beautiful, but it's a fact that even the most gorgeous, talented, and popular girs have their "days"—those times when they feel like they're not good enough or they don't feel 100%. And, yes, even Kapamilya actress Maxene Magalona feels this way sometimes.

At the recent launch of pH Care, Chalk sat down with the newly engaged beauty to find out her secrets to being confident. She admits that she used to compare herself to other girls when she was in high school, just like any other teen, but now that she has moved past that stage and has come to her own, she wishes to impart these tips that'll hopefully inspire young women to be more confident! Here are top tips for when you're having bouts of low self-esteem!


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Never compare yourself to others. "If you compare, you'll never be good enough. You'll always find something wrong with yourself," Maxene shares. She advises young adults that there will always be someone prettier or thinner, but this shouldn't hinder us from becoming our best selves because each one of us is beautfiul in our own way.


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Love yourself. For Maxene, this is the most important thing. "I learned it the hard way. I tried to look for love in all the wrong places. Eventually, I realized being confident has to come from within—it starts with loving yourself," she says.


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Take a good care of body. One of the reasons why Maxene agreed to be the latest brand ambassador of pH Care (along with Leila Alcasid) is because she loves how it promotes women to love and take care of themselves, because that's what all women truly deserve. It is in taking a good care of our body that we start to appreciate the beauty that we behold. 


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There's no doubt that being confident is the key to being more beautiful. As difficult as it may seem to build your self-esteem when your insecurities get the best of you, remind yourself that you are beautiful in your own way—and no one can tell you otherwise!

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