Hot Stuff: Think Twitter's Dead? It Just Got A Major Makeover—And We Have The Scoop!

Hot Stuff: Think Twitter's Dead? It Just Got A Major Makeover—And We Have The Scoop!

By Chloe Ramirez 

Ahh, Twitter. Ever since its advent more than 10 years ago, it has become an avenue for people around the world to communicate and exchange knowledge within 140 characters. By "knowledge," we also mean news or sometimes gossip, or items involving football stars asking movie stars out on a Valentine's Day (yes, remember Phil Younghusband 's bold move on Angel Locsin in 2012?). While it seems today that Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat have eclipsed the "microblogging" site, here it is trying to recover.

To cater to what we'd like to think as a, say, lazier, more millennial audience, Twitter has made its design more accessible than ever. This, Head of Sales of Twitter Southeast Asia and other Twitter executives told us at the introduction of Twitter Lite lately.

Twitter Lite is a more mobile-friendly version of the former. The design is also made friendly in terms of the storage, allowing one to save up to 70% of data at less than 1MB of memory.

Twitter executive Tina Pang said this will fit right into the Filipino's mobile usage. After all, the Philippines is the third country after India and Indonesia to launch Twitter Lite. “I must say it is very, very important for us to launch in the Philippines. We see a lot of users here so connected to the entertainment scene. We can see Filipinos wanting to connect when it comes to huge moments."

Pang said Twitter is a way to discover new things, and this is what Twitter Lite seeks to give its users—only better and lighter. It's not just for those logging on to it via data. It's also for the rest connecting to WiFi, which can be a little slower and more restricted, yet Twitter Lite can be accessed fast.

“This is built as a very light product. We want to give that same experience for the users outside the metro cities with lower connectivity. We really want to make is accessible to all Filipinos, not just in the metro cities, but also ensure that the outlying islands and provinces are also covered,” explained Pang. 

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