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In Focus: 13 Things Only Theresians Would Understand

In Focus: 13 Things Only Theresians Would Understand



By Ysabel Sophia Bañez and Maria Daniella Pabellano

To those unfamiliar, there are two branches of St. Theresa's College, a Catholic institution run by the ICM Congregation: one is an all girls' school in Quezon City and a co-ed one in Cebu City. Though they are 572 kilometers away from each other, Theresians from both schools bleed the same blood—blue and gold. If you're a fellow St. Theresian, here are some of the few things that you'd definitely be able to relate to!

1. Your necktie wasn’t just a necktie. It was also a pencil case and wallet. 


2. “Who’s your crush?” Worry no more because the high school male faculty was there to save your day! Or maybe, just maybe,  you just really had no choice but to have a crush on one of them.



3. SAMAHAN and PALIHAN Days. You may have forgotten the meaning of these abbreviations, but the memories will never be forgotten and the values that you’ve gained will always be there in your heart. The activities and outreach programs we’ve experienced were truly eye openers and life changers. It taught us how to communicate with different people and molded us to be generous, humble, and simple human beings.


4. Your headband is your everything. Every Theresian knows the importance of the STC headband. Once you leave it at home during your PE day or Exam Day, get ready to run towards Stationery to buy a new one and use chalk or correction fluid to write your surname on it.


5. Philippine cultural games in school. It may sound surreal, but we played tiyakad, suongan, and patintero during the sports fests a.k.a. nognog season of the year.


6. You can’t use a ballpen ’til you perfectly do the loop of the letters. Admit it, you did your best back in third grade to achieve that beautiful penmanship in order for you to be able to write using a pen. We were taught that our writing should be slanting to the right and the loops and tails of each letter should be properly done. That’s why seeing a Theresian’s penmanship in college will make you go, “Theresian ka nga.”  


7. Who finished high school without experiencing prom night and CAT? *proudly shouts* MEEEEEE!!! We may not have experienced what other high school students have experienced, but, hey, we have the most awesome events every year! Family Day where we dance our hearts out during the Dance Production, play BINGO with our family, spend hundreds for the rides and inflatables, and fangirl over the bands that play at night. We also had Bandfest where we witness our faculty members showcase their talents!


8. “Good morning Theresians, you may now enter your classrooms.” A day in school will never be complete without this. You’d be lying if you said that you never lip synced to the voice of the TSC President.


9. “Let your light shine and be a blessing to others." This will always and forever be the motto of every Theresian.


10. The living proof that immortality is real: Sir Eric and Manong Ice Cream. Who can forget the people who took our ID and class pictures and sold dirty ice cream from prep to fourth year high school?


11. Simplicity. We, Theresians, are taught to be simple—by wearing plain white rubber shoes for PE (most likely the Advan shoes), not wearing acccessories except for earrings and watches, and using only white, blue, or black hair ties or else thy name will be written on the Log Book.

12. “Blue for courage, gold for love,” “Nada de Turbe,” “Dearest home, we stand for you. Far or near our song rings true.” A Theresian will never ever ever forget the lines of these songs and, of course, the STC Hymn. (We even sing the second voice “keep that sunshine in our hearts ~in our hearts~”).


13. ICM Sisters. The nuns who run our school. The women who never fail to remind us to live our lives with simplicity and modesty. 

Are you a Theresian? Did you find yourself relating to these things? If yes, what are your favorite moments as a Theresian? Let us know in the comments below!

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Banner photograph from St. Theresa's College. Photographs from St. Theresa's Collegefyeahstc, and Janina Santos




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