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In Focus: 13 Things Only Interior Design Majors Can Relate To

In Focus: 13 Things Only Interior Design Majors Can Relate To



By Jerica Chelsea Chua 

As interior design students, we don't only juggle a lot of things with our major and minor subjects, but we also have to face the different stereotypes of our field that many perceive "decorating." As much as interior design mainly revolves around "decorating," it's not just that. It's a ton of work and it's not as easy as most people assume it to be.

Each interior design major has individual obligations to fulfill, but something that undoubtedly connects is the journey we go through together in and out of school. So here are some of the things that you'd probably relate to if you're also an interior design student!

1. That 0.1 techpen won't last that long. No matter how careful you are with it, it's just doomed. So it's always a good idea to get ready and save up for your next one!

2. You have to hoard all those (expensive) supplies. Oh, the joy of shopping for school supplies! Even if you never get to actually use some of it at all, you still end up buying everything on the list of materials. Since you don't really know what to get, you end up having a lot of stuff that either gets lost or simply gets stuck in storage.


3. We work all day and all night just to catch a deadline. It's hard balancing drafting subjects and lecture subjects at the same time because it's tough figuring out which one would you'd rather finish first, especially when all the deadlines fall under the same week! 

4. The T square is never straight. Is it just me or does the T-square actually never straightens up? As you go on with your drafting life, it seems like every time you use it, the end part goes higher and higher—and it's just frustrating, especially when you're doing plates at scale 1:20! #Bummer


5. The joy of going to the depot and hoarding (free) swatches. Since you never know what the theme for your next plates will be, you hoard every available swatch of laminate, stone, paint, and more. Just in case of emergency!


6. You never have enough triangles. Those triangles are a must-have, but they are often the ones you drop most so they easily break. (Tip: Buy the cheaper ones! They work the same way!)


7. Getting the constant "Kailangan mo ng plato? Madami diyan oh!"  reply. Whenever you utter the phrase, "Kailangan ko pang gumawa ng plates!" to someone who's not an ID major, this is usually the response you get. We are sure to get a joke from someone whenever we refer to our homeworks as "plates." Yeah, we get it!

8. One wrong line and you'll have to repeat your plate. Yep, one wrong line from your vanishing point and the whole plate is ruined. R.E.P.E.A.T.


9. Memorizing e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. From the name of each building to who the architect was, to the genre, title, and artist of the painting, and even knowing the exact name for the parts of an ancient building. Yep, we have to know it all. 

10. You learn to love despite hardships. Even with all the sleepless nights and early morning last-minute touches, we love what we do—and we pour our heart into it. So please do not tell us "Ah, interior design? Drawing drawing lang 'yun 'di ba?" Because it is not. We learn how to properly decorate an interior space with the right parameters and how to make it safe for the person who will be living in it. It's not just drawing.

11. The way we beg for a drafting extension is something that looks straight out of a teleseryeEspecially when it's midterms or finals week, the begging games begin. Yes, we beg our teachers to extend our deadlines since they usually schedule it all in the same week!


12. "Ah, interior design, magaling ka mag-drawing?"
Contrary to popular belief, not all of us are gifted with golden hands. Some of us really have to go out of our comfort zone to learn how to actually draw nicely—and thanks to talented and supportive profs, we never get discouraged and we actually get to become better artists than we were before we got into interior design. 


13. Those felt tip drawing pens are lifesavers. Interior design students soon learn how hard it is to actually create a straight line without blotches using a tech pen. So in order to save time—although illegal—we resort to using felt tip pens!


Did you find yourself relating to any of these? If there's something we've missed, don't hesitate to share some of your moments as an ID major, and let us know in the comments below!

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Banner photograph from Unsplash. Photographs from Jerica Chelsea Chua. GIFs from GIPHY.





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