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Dining Delight: Budget Meals To Get You Through Petsa de Peligro

Dining Delight: Budget Meals To Get You Through Petsa de Peligro



For students, petsa de peligro is that time of the week when you realize just how much you've mismanaged your baon after spending too much from Monday to Wednesday. By Thursday, you’re just kind of crawling your way to and fro school until the weekend arrives.

It's sometimes inevitable, no matter how hard you try to budget your allowance, but these meals will definitely help you overcome this crucial time with a full tummy.


Hotdog + Egg + Rice

These are our breakfast regulars at home, but this budget-friendly trio will help you get through the rest of the week by giving you carbs and protein. It should be easy to find, too. Every school cafeteria or neighborhood carinderia has this!


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Pancit Canton + Egg (+ Extra Rice?)

We all loved eating pancit canton for merienda when we were kids. (Actually, even now.) But, when you eat it every day, you’d want to not see it ever. Desperate times call for desperate measures, they say. When you’re down and out, a pack or two of Pancit Canton will surely get through your hunger, helping you inch closer and closer to the end of petsa de peligro.


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There may come a time that all you have are loose coins inside your purse, and this is all you can afford. Not to worry, street food has always been a go-to stomach filler; plus, it’s an instant pick-me-upper, too!


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Siomai + Rice

Feeling international during petsa de peligro? The answer to your “craving” (or, simply, hunger/hanger) is siomai and rice. What? It’s a complete meal! Carbs from rice, protein from the siomai. Bam!



Stalls that carry these gems aren’t hard to find. You can even get this from the kuya selling it off his bike with the big jumbo umbrella—just stand while you eat your yummy pares (beef stew and fried rice) and you’re good to go.


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Buy-1-Take-1 Burgers

For less than P30, you’ll get two burgers with beef patty, buns, and some slaw. This budget meal will definitely fill your stomach to last you through your next budget meal.


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Petsa de peligro may or may not happen to you. If you are lucky, maybe just once in your student life; but, for others who endure it every single week, it helps to know where to get sulit meals to power you through ’til your allowance comes.

While these may not always be the best (or healthiest) choices, what’s college life without being a little creative with your allowance? Help a friend out and share with us some student meal hacks that helped you battle the dreaded petsa de peligro!


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