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The Six Fix: The Emotional Stages You Go Through When Watching A K-Drama

The Six Fix: The Emotional Stages You Go Through When Watching A K-Drama



Anyone who loves watching K-Dramas knows all too well that it's one major roller coaster ride. Each episode gives you a whole lotta feels that will take your emotions up and down, up and down, and on and on. No matter how much it makes you kilig or crushes your heart, you know deep down you'll always love the emotional thrill the addicting story and irresistible characters bring. From extreme bliss to soul-crushing sadness, K-Dramas are master emotional manipulators that are not for the faint-hearted! If kinain ka na ng sistema, we're sure you can relate to these emotional stages only K-Drama lovers can relate to!


1. The inexplicable feeling of joy, anticipation, and curiosity when watching a new drama. "What would the lead couple be like? Will the story be good? Will it quench my thirst for dramatic plot twists (and super gorg oppas)?" Your mind has a flood of questions—and this happens every time you're about to pop in the first episode of a new drama!


2. The sudden wave of emotions.  As you begin to meet the new characters and you slowly get sucked into the whole new world forming around you, you feel a certain attachment to the characters as they make you happy and scared at the same time just thinking of what's bound to happen to them in the next episodes of the show.


3. That feeling of hesitation. Now that you're emotionally invested in the characters, you think of them almost every hour of every day. You constantly wonder about how the next episode will turn out and how the plot will unfold—sometimes, you even find it quite frightening how you're getting too absorbed by the show. Because what happens when it ends? You can't imagine life without it, so you hesitate about going on until the final episode because you know that it'd be harder to let go once you finish the whole thing. But, of course, you can't help but finish it. 


4. Obsessing over your new fave oppa. Each episode leaves you with a cliff hanger so you have no choice except to wait for another one—and we all know how agonizing the waiting game is. But, since you can't wait to see your fave characters again, you turn to the Internet and stalk your new fave artists in the meantime. 


5. Going through emotional anxiety as you're about to reach the last few episodes. When you reach the point of almost any K-Drama where everything's just going wrong, you just find yourself emotionally stressed. It doesn't help that you know it's about to end—and, well, life as you know it is about to be over, too. BRB, sobbing.


6. Going through some major #Sepanx. After several weeks of being emotionally attached to a certain drama, you find yourself craving for more episodes and you just can't help wishing that there were more. Going on with life without seeing your fave oppa every week in your newest fave drama is as sad as losing your beloved pet, but you know you've got to move on.  


As much as watching K-Dramas plays with our emotions, it's definitely something that we don't ever regret doing because it brings us happiness like no other! Are you experiencing these stages with a certain drama right now? We'd love to know about it! Share it with us in the comments! 


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