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In Focus: Trouble In Paradise? Avoid Turning Into An Unfaithful Wife With These Tips

In Focus: Trouble In Paradise? Avoid Turning Into An Unfaithful Wife With These Tips


By Zenia Lim Panahon 

We commonly talk about the husband’s philandering ways, but what if the reverse is true? It may come as a surprise to many that even women stray from their marriages. Here are tips on how you can avoid getting into an affair.

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Confine intimacy to your husband. Confiding in another man is a sure sign of danger. Your husband may not be fulfilling your needs and you are looking elsewhere for these to be met. Stop and find ways to go back to your spouse. Likewise, a man who confides in a woman will eventually fall in love with her.

Speak out. Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself, especially if they're about issues in your marriage. Find the time to talk to your husband and tell him how you feel. Not all men are good at guessing or even feeling their way through their relationships. But if you can guide him on how to keep you happy, he may just surprise you with his efforts.

Limit exposure to any particular man. You may end up idealizing and comparing him to your husband. That can be a sticky situation and it would do well to save you and your family from all the trouble you could get yourself into. Take care of your thoughts.

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Be grounded in your values. It is important that you hold on to the values you have lived by. Using your values to meet challenges in life will promote growth for yourself and your family.

Grow your spiritual lives. To have prayer and faith constantly at the center of your family life will protect all of you from straying. You and your spouse can overcome any obstacle in life if you learn to trust in prayers. 

Keeping a marriage requires lots of hard work from both spouses. It takes understanding, time, love, and affection to make such a partnership lasts long. On the other hand, the rewards of being loyal to your husband are plenty and worth more than the adventure of an illicit relationship. 

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About the author: 

Zenia Lim Panahon is a director of the Philippine Association of Christian Counselors. For more than 15 years, she has been coaching individuals, couples, and families. She also pioneers Pusong Pinay, a fun and interactive lecture series on the many facets of the Filipina. For more details about Pusong Pinay, e-mail

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