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Hot Stuff: So, Have You Seen This Jackie Chan-Produced Sci-Fi Thriller Yet?

Hot Stuff: So, Have You Seen This Jackie Chan-Produced Sci-Fi Thriller Yet?

We all love action star Jackie Chan's movies, all studded with his trademark martial arts moves...

and perfectly timed comedic moments on-screen:


Even in his 60s, Chan is very active in the movie industry, doing voiceovers and having cameo appearances in several movies, and even producing some of them by himself. He's definitely still kicking via his latest work: Chinese-Korean sci-fi thriller Reset, which he produced with Korean director Chang.

What makes this Jackie Chan-supervised flick exciting? Hardcore action paired with elements of time travel, with a plot involving a mother’s love for her son. 110 minutes is all that Xia Tian (Yang Mi) needs to save son Dou Dou (Hummer Zhang) from Tsui Hu’s (Wallace Huo) evil motives, after kidnapping Tian's son in exchange for her research work. 

Yang Mi and Wallace Huo

While we know the movie for Jackie Chan's involvement, Reset's cast members are also famous. Yang, for one, is a singer-actress who attained mainstream success with her role in Chinese movie Palace in 2011. She even won Most Popular Actress at the 17th Shanghai Television Festival for her role in the same movie. In addition to her onscreen projects and product endorsements, Yang is a part-owner of Jiangxing Media, making her an ideal #girlboss.

Huo, on the other hand, is a prominent figure in various Taiwanese and Chinese TV series, which includes At Dolphin Bay (2003) ,The Royal Swordsmen (2005), Chinese Paladin 3 (2009), Swordsman (2013), and The Journey of Flower (2015). Fans of this Taiwanese hearthrob should look forward to this movie, as this is Huo's first time in playing the villain.

An interesting time travel plot, a stellar cast, and a grand production: Reset is proof that Chinese movies we think can match Hollywood films in terms of production. As one of the biggest Chinese-Korean production to date, Reset has won two awards at the Houston International Film Festival, which include Best in Show and Best Actress. all of these factors should convince you to save the date, and catch this #phresh movie, stat!

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Photographs screencapped from "Reset" official trailer.




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