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In Focus: 7 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With Yourself

In Focus: 7 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With Yourself



We often talk about loving others and how important it is to treat other people nicely; but, oftentimes, we neglect the fact that learning to love one's self is just as crucial as loving others. How we love ourselves reflects on how we treat other people, and you can't give to others what you don't actually have.

Unfortunately, hardships and failures can sometimes make it easy for us to dwell on our weaknesses and flaws and forget our self-worth. That's why it's crucial to learn how to love ourselves despite our imperfections because it's the first step to living a life well-lived. If you're struggling to feel the self-love, here are some of the ways that might help you in starting your journey to nurture a loving relationship with yourself:


1. Volunteer. There's a reason why studies have shown that people who volunteer are happier and healthier than people who don't. Not only do you help others, it also helps you discover more about yourself in the process. Aside from gaining new friends and meeting different kinds of people from all walks of life, giving back will make you feel more fulfilled and blessed than ever.

2. Give yourself some credit. Yes, it's easier to notice your flaws and imperfections, but try to get in the habit of acknowledging the good things about yourself more than you dwell on your weaknesses and failures. Treat yourself to a compliment when you feel down, just the way you would treat your besties!

3. Travel from time to time. Never underestimate the effect of your environment on your well-being. You don't have to travel far, but a change of scenery will help you see things with fresh eyes—you'll be forced out of your normal routine and you’ll consequently make some great memories!

4. Read a new book every once in a while. There's no better way to develop a good perspective towards life than reading books that'll challenge your way of thinking. It helps you prevent your thought patterns from becoming repetitive while giving your mind fresh new ideas that will enlighten you.

5. Listen to inspirational messages at least once a week.  Whether it's through a spiritual leader, inspirational speaker, or simply a TED talk, the Internet never runs out of things that can help you grow further as an individual. As wonderful as it is to learn from your own experiences or stories of other people you know, it'd be more amazing to listen to those who are different from yourself—especially those who have put great amount of effort into researching and sharing their knowledge of a particular field. 

6. Live your favorite day. Life's too short not to indulge yourself once in a while. It doesn't have to be as extravagant as pampering yourself in a luxurious spa, it can be as simple as watching your fave movie or TV series, reading your favorite book, or eating at your favorite restaurant. You deserve to treat yourself from time to time! 

7. Invest in something bigger than yourself. Make your life worthwhile by investing your time and energy in something that will not just benefit you, but also others. Whether it's a religion, charity, or a social group, nothing beats the feeling of being a part of something that's bigger than yourself.


There are still lots of other ways you can do to start falling in love with yourself, and different things apply to different people. Some of these might work for others, and some might not. What's always important is to figure out a way that will help you learn how to appreciate and accept yourself more—because that's when life begins.


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