The Six Fix: Find Your Very Own IG Boyfriend To Up Your 'Grammability!

The Six Fix: Find Your Very Own IG Boyfriend To Up Your 'Grammability!

In an era where social media reigns supreme, the best accessory any smart woman should have is not a branded purse or flirty pair of tasseled earrings but a partner who is aware of her #feedgoal needs.

Enter the IG boyfriend.

Often, he is the unsung hero of his girl's IG feed, providing value wherever he can: a reluctant arm candy, a dedicated photographer, a voracious liker of all her posts.  Name it, he's most likely done it. 

But, how to separate this unicorn from the rest?  Men are a dime a dozen but an IG boyfie is replete with certain #skills that leave the rest of maledom severly lacking.  We've taken cues from some of the sweetest celebrity boyfriends and husbands to see how they level up their resepective partner's feeds.  Because, honestly, posting for the aesthetic is surely a thing, right?


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They match their honey's outfits.  It doesn't matter if a particular article of clothing is not part of their personal aesthetic.  If it'll make their love look good, they will don it and own it.  Examine the case of Nico Bolzico sporting a bomber jacket with floral detailing to match Solenn Heusaff's plain leather one.  


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They work their angles.  Moving beyond throwing out their version of Blue Steel, the perfect IG boyfriend understands that they are part of the composition of the shot.  As such, they position themselves as an integral part of the photograph, like what Arthur Burnand did while posing with his wife Georgina Wilson in Shanghai.


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They show affection tastefully.  Honestly, why would anyone want a kissing selfie cluttering up precious IG space?  Not only are these shots so last decade, they smack of tackiness.  Take a cue from Adrien Semblat who keeps things SFW with Isabelle Daza in this sweet couple pose.


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They are comfortable with silliness.  While striking a perfectly timed pose makes for a great photo, goofing around with your shots can make for poignant, candid moments in your IG feed.  Here, Erwan Heusaff captures some silly time with Anne Curtis in an adorably casual snap.


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They slay the selfie/twofie/groufie.  A great photo is more than its subject.  Backgrounds play a crucial role that can make or break a shot.  Luis Manzano nails his twofie by capturing some pretty cherry blossoms to complement Jessy Mendiola's blush pink outfit. 

They enable opportunities for extremely likeable photos.  A great way to up the ante of anyone's feed is to include photos of exciting and unusual activities. Marlon Stockinger manages to sweep Pia Wurtzbach off literally and figuratively during their Hawaiian adventure.  He scores more points for his ability to carry Pia long enough for the shot! 

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