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The Six Fix: Bride-To-Be Coleen Garcia Preps To Fire Up That Aisle

The Six Fix: Bride-To-Be Coleen Garcia Preps To Fire Up That Aisle

Coleen Garcia and Billy Joe Crawford plan to wed early in the first quarter of 2018. Forecasting the main event, naturally, the sweet and petite bride-to-be has already begun her bridal prep initially by beginning with fitness and a couple of other activities concerning all things matrimony.


1. She recently appeared on a smashing and lovely July cover for Metro Weddings Magazine. In a lovely slightly vintage but undated off-shoulder dress she charms the camera.


It hasn't fully sunk in yet that I'm getting married in less than a year! Time flies by so fast, but I've been thoroughly enjoying every moment leading to the big day ?? In this issue of @metroweddingsmagazine, I get to share bits of our story with you guys, as well as some exclusive details on our wedding preparations and future plans. I also got to wear beautiful gowns that gave me ideas on what mine should be like ?? Please grab a copy! #MetroWeddingsLovesColeen . . Photography: @dmetroman (Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto) Art Direction: @janastrid Styling: @adrianneconcept assisted by @pieceofdennysse Makeup: @pongniu Hair: @renzpangilinan Shot on location at Mykonos Village, Balesin Island Club Special thanks to Kathy Solis

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2. She's been spending much bonding time with the girlfriends pre-forever. Being a bride-to-be is a special season in a girl's life. There are lots of things to think about and keep tabs on but one must never scrimp on girl-gang time, it helps keep bridezilla vibes away.


Missing this day and these girls! ?

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3. Setting her eyes on the prize she's been working her sexy body to aisle-worthy levels. She's given Vinyasa yoga a try and finds that it may be the workout for her shaping goals pre-wedding season. Whatever the progress she's certainly showing results as early as several weeks ago.


?? (?? @renzpangilinan)

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4. Giving the glam team lots of love and appreciation ensures results...every time. The industry's glam teams have to be at their best behind-the-scenes for every celebrity. Even Marilyn Monroe personally leaned on her makeup artist of choice, Allan "Whitey" Snyder, for encouragement and good vibes because unknown to some she battled doubt and insecurity every single time before the cameras got rolling. Coleen is well known as a serene down-to-earth person, and she appreciates the people who help her get ready for the limelight every time.


#ASAPjunestoppable ?

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Water babies ??

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Good friend and celeb hairstylist Renz Pangilinan shoots a lot of Coleen's online snapshots for her including this one where she does nothing except sizzle.


(?? @renzpangilinan)

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5.  She's still giving her job 100% of her best energy. Prepping for a wedding hasn't changed Coleen's work ethic in fact it's given her a sort of onscreen child-like glow that's quite a delight to observe. We can't help but smile ourselves in these cute captured moments (click through the IG gallery) with Kim Chiu in Minute-To-Win It. It's fun when you see celebs like Coleen having a great time at what they do. 

6. She's been continuing to eat clean and green for her big day. Coleen's no stranger to healthy eating and she's not ashamed to show how much she loves her leafy greens. Eating clean is what allows the results of your workout to show through quicker and Coleen knows this fact by heart. 


GREEN is my new favorite color ??

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