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Hot Stuff: James Reid Makes Fans 'Cool Down' With His Sexy New Track

Hot Stuff: James Reid Makes Fans 'Cool Down' With His Sexy New Track

James Reid sure knows how to surprise us. On Instagram, the 24-year-old crooner posted this teaser of his newest single called “Cool Down.” It became available on different music platforms soon after.

And yesterday, the full music video premiered on Myx.

As if it were an ode to summer’s end, the four-and-a-half minute clip shows James frolicking on an island with a longhaired beauty in tow (who, by the way, is not played by his real-life girlfriend, Nadine Lustre). Things are certainly heating up between them, but viewers—JaDine fans, especially—would be surprised if not relieved over what happens in the end.  

From the way he looks, right down to his effortless swag, Cool Down cements just how much of a dreamboat and perfect lover he is (not like we needed any more convincing, but anything involving this Fil-Aussie is always appreciated!).  We picked some of our fave lyrics from the track that best demonstrate it. 

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No matter how busy he is, James is the type to keep his lady in mind. 

You know I've been working hard
And later I got a show
But I've been thinking 'bout you 

He can make her feel good (with permission, of course).

Lay back, take a pick
Where do you want me to kiss?

He isn’t afraid to use the four-letter-word. 

I think I'm way too in love with you. 

He makes his girl a priority.

I cancel my work today
Just for my princess
Put her on my checklist
It's time to get down to business. 

His idea of fun involves water!

Hold your breath, let's take a dip
And just sink into the pool

Swooned over yet?  If you haven’t already, listen to “Cool Down” and tell us what you think! 

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