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Cheat Sheet: Top Picks By Hands-On Dads

Cheat Sheet: Top Picks By Hands-On Dads


By Beng Feliciano

Based on class attendance in our venue and foot traffic in our store, we've seen how dads in this generation are deeply involved with their family. Dads, along with moms, attend childbirth, newborn care, breastfeeding, and positive discipline classes, among others. They have a say in what items to buy not just because they finance the purchase but more because they will be active users. So glad this scenario is the new "cool" among modern dads. Here are some of dads' favorites:

Zoli Buzz B 

Clad in shirt, shorts, and slippers, dads rush to The Parenting Emporium (TPE) to purchase this battery-operated nail trimmer and leaves quickly. Why? Chances are, the usual nail cutter caused a minor accident on their newborn. Buzz B nail trimmer files instead of cuts the nail. The benefit? No more rough edges on the nails, no accidents, no bleeding.


I-Angel Hipseat Carrier

On Saturdays, we see an influx of dads with babies in this modern carrier. Hooray! Moms get to shop, read the label, and ask questions freely. This hipseat has all the safety features and has the reliable quality parents look for. The seat is sturdy and wide enough. Best of all, its various models answer most of the needs of the family. Check out the malls and social media accounts of people traveling with babies. Chances are, you've seen this carrier!

Mamas and Papas Baby Bud

The family at the dining table warmly welcomes babies eating solid food. Why this item instead of the high chairs? It attaches to most standard dining chairs so babies are part of the dining set-up instead of somewhere a bit detached due to the huge legs of usual high chairs.

Maxi Cosi Infant Car Seat

Dads spend a lot of time asking about this item. They will feel, turn, carry, check the snaps and handle of this item. You already know that top of mind is infant's comfort and safety.

Hanns Insect Trap

One thing dads hate the most? When their loved ones get sick, especially with preventable diseases like dengue and other mosquito-borne illnesses. This insect trap attracts the female mosquito—the one that bites, spreads germs, and multiplies. With sturdy exterior (the slats don't easily break even if the lamp topples over and over), an easy to clean receptacle, and a soundless operation, this Insect Trap is tops in any dad's book. It can easily double as a nightlight as well.

Moms, don't we fall in love with our involved hubbies all the more when they carry, trim the nails, bathe, read, sing, and put the baby to sleep? So grateful for dads! Happy Father's Day! Dads, keep rockin'!

About the author:

Beng Feliciano is a mom of three, and the co-founder of The Parenting Emporium (TPE), a retail social enterprise dedicated to helping make the parenthood journey easier for everyone. She and her partner, Maricel Cua, hope to achieve this through TPE’s selection of parent-approved, high quality products, informative expert-led classes and events, encouraging support groups, and purpose-filled advocacies. Find out more about TPE on Facebook and Instagram.

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