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Erich, Janella, and Coleen’s Take On Ariana Grande’s Ever Reliable Half Updo Are Oh So Easy To Do

Erich, Janella, and Coleen’s Take On Ariana Grande’s Ever Reliable Half Updo Are Oh So Easy To Do

Ariana Grande apparently won't be rocking a new hairstyle any time soon.

The pop babe is known for her half-up half-down hairdo, which she can often be seen whipping around on stage.

Ariana is also an actress, and will next be appearing in Scream Queens. The series boasts an all-star cast, including Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Lea Michele. A show insider confides that the hair department is having a few problems with Ariana's locks.

"Her hair is a mess—what's left of it, anyway. It's destroyed at the ends, and the reason she scrapes it back into a high ponytail all the time is because it's kind of patchy on top," a source told American OK! magazine.

"Without extensions in, it's bad. Don't expect her with a new 'do any time soon."

Ariana herself has spoken about her hair problems, which she's revealed are from dyeing it red to play Cat on the Nickelodeon shows Victorious and Sam & Cat.

"It looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down," Ariana said last year on her Instagram account.

Luckily the 22-year-old looks great with her perma-ponytail, as the insider goes on to reveal Ariana is apprehensive about ever mixing her look up.

"She's scared that if she tries another style, the [patchy] areas will show. The only way to fix it would be to shave it off and start again, but she's not going to do that," the source said.



While Erich Gonzales, Janella Salvador, and Coleen Garcia don’t have patchy areas to hide, they are rocking equally stylish versions of Ariana’s half-updo with their signature flair. Here’s how you can channel them:

Erich Gonzales, The Conventional Half Ponytail – For this look that Erich has been recently seen sporting quite a lot, the key is to properly tease the hair up top: It should have texture and height but shouldn’t look disheveled.


Janella Salvador, The Braided Minimalist – Instead of putting half of your head of hair in a ponytail, just get a thin part of it and braid one side before tieing it up to get Janella’s ‘do. Curl your hair with a large barrel curling iron for full, lush waves.


Coleen Garcia, The Clip It Up ‘Do – Brush up your hair, totally doing away with your side part or center part, and gather a small amount of hair at the center of your forehead—just clip it and you’re good to go.


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