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The Six Fix: Spot The Carbon Copy—We'd Totally Mistake These Father-Son Tandems As Siblings!

The Six Fix: Spot The Carbon Copy—We'd Totally Mistake These Father-Son Tandems As Siblings!

Piolo Pascual, Aga Muhlach, Gary Valenciano, Cesar Montano, Rommel Padilla, Manny Pacquiao. You’d think these showbiz heartthrobs already have everything—good looks, solid bods, a stable career, and all. That is, until you realize they’re also that genetically #blest, their kids have inherited much of their dads they’re already growing into hotties in their own right! What age gap? When you see these dad and son tandems together, you’d be mistaking them for siblings, too!


Daniel and Rommel Padilla. Daniel definitely got his swag from 52 year-old dad Rommel Padilla—something we’d like to think propelled his name to heartthrob status despite not as typically ripped and Western-looking like the rest of his tisoy contemporaries.

Piolo and Inigo Pascual. It seems like yesterday when Piolo was just introducing his firstborn, breaking the hearts of those who have long swooned over him as a bachelor. Well, lucky for all of us, Inigo is turning into a complete heartthrob just like his dad—inheriting those eyes, abs (they’re workout buddies!), and musical flair!

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Aga and Andres Muhlach. What do you get when you have a resident dreamboat for a dad and a beauty queen for a mom? A heartbreaker in the making.

Diego Loyzaga and Cesar Montano. After residing in Australia for most of his childhood, Diego returned to the Philippines to follow in the footsteps of his dad in the world of entertainment. Given the number of acting awards Cesar has received in various roles, we look forward to the day when Pusong Ligaw star Diego is already reaping his own!

Gary and Gab Valenciano. Past their being a carbon copy of each other looks wise, Gab performs with as much spice as his Mr. Pure Energy dad when on the dance floor. It’s something they enjoy putting on display in concerts and variety shows together!

Manny Pacquiao and sons Jimuel and Michael. The boxing champ’s two sons not only look just like their dad. They also have the same passion for sports: Jimuel is into basketball, while Michael is into boxingThe’ve also modeled for a clothing brand to add up to their showbiz portfolio!



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