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The Six Fix: Celebs Who Grew Up With Strict Parents And What We Learned From Them

The Six Fix: Celebs Who Grew Up With Strict Parents And What We Learned From Them



Ahh, strict parents. Whether it's because of our relatively conservative culture or the tight-knit nature of Pinoy families, most of us are subjected to rules and curfews no matter how "grown up" we get. (It doesn't help that we often live with our parents until we get married!)

And there are no exemptions, even for Filipino high-profile celebrities. Considering show business is one of the most liberating jobs ever, you'd think that artistas live a #YOLO life, but they don't—some of them actually have some of the strictest parents! While you may feel sakal by your mom's rules or your dad's curfew, you'll see from these celebs how strict parents can actually contribute to your success and well-being more than you could ever imagine!


Liza Soberano

One of the main factors why this generation's Darna couldn't officially enter into a romantic relationship with Enrique Gil just yet (although it's quite obvious that the two lovebirds are super into each other) is because of her strict parents. Although her family already approves of Quen,  Liza shared in an interview before that she made a promise to her parents that she'd finish her studies first before she enters into an official relationship. Don't you think any parent would be lucky to have a daughter such as Hopie? 


What we learned Getting into a relationship isn't as easy as it sounds, and we couldn't blame Liza's parents if they want their daughter rushing into one. Entering a romantic relationship is a major decision that should take some time if you're really in it for the long-run. 



Kathryn Bernardo

Almost everyone knows Kathryn has one of the most supportive moms ever in the industry. (Hi, Mommy Min!) Since day one, the mother-daughter duo has been a fixture during tapings, pictorials, and other commitments in and out of town. Kathryn may now be all grown up, but Mommy Min will always make sure that she'll just be two steps behind as she watches her daughter bloom into the lovely lady that she is right now.


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What we learned We may not understand why our moms seem to have this sort of need to follow us wherever we go; but, just like Mommy Min, our mothers only want to support us and contribute to our successes in every way she can. We're sure that she's one of the biggest reasons for Kathryn's achievements—because behind every successful star is an awesome mother who raised her right. 


Toni and Alex Gonzaga

The Gonzaga sisters are widely known in show business for their conservative upbringing and strong Christian values that their parents instilled in them. Toni has always been open about how strict her parents are, especially when it comes to her relationships. She even shared that when she and Paul were still dating, Paul wasn't allowed to go beyond the first floor of their house—but she and her sister knew that these rules were for their own good and they never took it against their parents.


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What we learned: Our parents' rules are there not to deprive us of our freedom, but to keep us away from getting into unnecessary trouble or danger. Considering how successful and lovable the Gonzaga sisters turned out to be, we think having strict parents isn't too bad!


Sarah Geronimo

Throughout the Pop Princess' career, her mother has always been a constant figure behind her, guiding her as she traverses the rollercoaster ride of fame. She's often villainized for being too strict, but protecting Sarah from getting hurt has always been her priority–even if that means other people will label her as "overprotective."


What we learned We may not always understand why our moms do the things they do, but one thing's for sure: They're just doing what's best for us. Always. We may not understand it now, but we'll definitely feel the same way once we become parents someday, too!


Gretchen Ho

Gretchen's mom is quite the disciplinarian—she only serves meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables to her children and junk food is a big no-no in the Ho household. Gretchen once shared that all the junk food was hidden in a place where only her mom had access to, and anyone who'd dare to grab from the stash would be in big trouble. Once, little Gretchen wanted it so bad that she just risked it and took a snack for herself. When her mom found out, she was made to eat sili as punishment. Ack!


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What we learned Seeing Gretchen's successful career in and out of the volleyball court today, the discipline that her mother instilled starting in their home has evidently paid off. It makes us realize that our parents teaches us lessons not because they want to see us suffer, but because they want us to know the values that we wouldn't be able to learn any other way. 


Xian Lim

In case you don't know, Xian knows how to play not only the classical piano, but also 16 other musical instruments that include the guitar, trombone, and percussions thanks to his mother who persistently taught him and made him study music. His mom was quite strict when it came to his musical education. Instead of playing with toys or with his friends outside, the chinito hottie grew up learning how to play musical instruments with the help of his mother who's also a pianist. And we couldn't thank Mommy Mary Anne for helping Xian become the  creative artist that he is now!


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What we learned As "unpleasant" as it may sound for other kids to hear little Xian to practice and learn musical instruments while he was a kid instead of being outside and playing, Mommy Mary Anne proves that mothers know best. She knew that Xian had quite a hard time at times, but she just said that someday he'll be able to use this—and he actually has in his career! Sometimes, our moms make us do seemingly difficult tasks that we don't like, but it pays to understand that what they're doing is really for us. When you find yourself in this situation, just take a look at Xian and remind yourself that moms always know better than we do!


So if you find your parents being too strict at times, remind yourself that they are just looking after you and they always have your best interests at heart. These celebrities turned out to be the best versions of themselves because of the way they were raised—and there's just no arguing with that!


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