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The Six Fix: Fictional Men We Wish Were Real (The Book Edition)

The Six Fix: Fictional Men We Wish Were Real (The Book Edition)



If you're someone who always has her nose buried in a book, you'd know how it feels to have unrealistically high expectations of men, especially because male characters in novels continuously set the bar high when it comes to sweeping female characters off of their feet. And while it's quite unfair to compare literary characters to real people, you have to admit that you wished your book boyfriend could just leap off the page and exist IRL! We get you, so we've rounded up some of the most dreamy men from our fave novels that we wish we can meet in person!

Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

In the first part of Jane Austen's novel, he starts off as an uptight, stuck up, and emotionless aristocrat who treats protagonist Elizabeth Bennet and her family with contempt because of their difference in social status. Eventually, though, Mr. Darcy turns things around and places every reader under his spell when he makes up for his behavior and surprises everyone with his ardent love for Elizabeth. Love against all odds, indeed!


Landon Carter from A Walk To Remember

Landon is the typical popular kid in school you'd want to avoid bumping into at all costs. He's the bad boy that your mom warned you about, but because love is such a powerful thing, he was able to transform from an unfeeling bully into a loving and goal-oriented person—all thanks to a girl named Jamie Sullivan. She taught him what true love is all about and, despite the fact that she died of leukemia, she instilled in Landon hope. She inspired him to become a better person. He was an amazing character in both the novel and the film adaptation! Where can we find a guy like him IRL?


Gerry Kennedy from P.S. I Love You

Aside from his Irish charm and good looks, you'd totally fall head over heels with the way he made his wife feel loved even after his death. He wrote 10 hand-made letters to his wife Holly and had it delivered to her after his passing to help ease her pain and kick start her new life. Gerry is proof that love conquers all—even in death!


Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars  

Wouldn't you feel wonderful if your S.O. read a book simply because it's your favorite? That's how Gus made us feel because, with him, you'll never run out of romantic moments—he's just full of surprises that'll absolutely blow you away (spending his "wish" from The Genie Foundation to travel to Amsterdam just so his girl can stalk her favorite author? How sweet can you get!). That's why we can't blame Hazel when she felt as if she already died—not because of her cancer, but of her great sorrow when she found out that Gus passed away. 


Noah Calhoun from The Notebook

Being in a relationship with someone who has a mental illness is never easy, more so if she's slowly deteriorating because of dementia—but this didn't stop Noah from loving Allie and keeping her happy all her life. In fact, he never stopped courting her even if they've become old and grey, even when Ally started to forget about him. He stayed by her side and they even passed away together in one bed at a nursing home! BRB, sobbing.


Tobias Eaton a.k.a. "Four" from Divergent

Who didn't want to have the fearless Four as a boyfriend when we first read about him in Veronica Roth's novel? Aside from the fact that you'll feel safer and more secure than anyone else (because you know he'll beat up any bad guy who comes near you in a second), Four is one of the most loyal and trustworthy people you can definitely count on! Sure, he has his demons, but he proved that you can conquer them successfully to become a better person and partner.


Sigh. Don't you just wish you can meet men like this in the real world? We're sure there are still guys like them somewhere out there! Did your fave fictional character make it to our list? If we missed it, don't hesitate to share it with us in the comments below! 

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