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The Six Fix: Why Gal Gadot Is The Ultimate Girl Crush of 2017

The Six Fix: Why Gal Gadot Is The Ultimate Girl Crush of 2017



Have you watched Wonder Woman a.k.a. the most feminist movie of the year so far? As the hype for the superhero film reaches a steady hum, we can all agree that she'll make you feel something (no matter what your gender identity is).

Gadot has been the people’s girl crush since she rose to fame when she was casted as Gisele Yashar on the Fast & Furious franchise and there's just no stopping her from charming her way into our hearts and becoming everybody’s ultimate girl crush after she breathed life once again to Amazonian princess Diana Prince. In honor of our ultimate girlcrush, here are six reasons why we can't help falling in love with our #1 Gal!


1. She's beautiful without even trying. We don’t know how it's possible—no matter how contorted her face is, even during battle scenes, she still remains as beautiful as her strike-a-pose face. She can serve The Look without even trying to look beautiful!


2. She's more than just her beautiful face. There's no arguing that Gadot has one of the most stunning faces in Hollywood today, but she's proven to be more than her looks. She studied law and political science in college!


3. She used to be in military. When she was 20, she enlisted for Israeli Defense Forces for two years as a combat trainer. She said in an interview with Glamour, “You give two or three years—and it's not about you. You give your freedom away. You learn discipline and respect.”


4. She's not scared to make huge life choices. From joining the Miss Universe pageant to being in the military, to studying law and aspiring to be a lawyer, and now being an actress, Gadot isn’t afraid of taking huge leaps and making decisions that will change her life—and we can see it paying off!


5. She's a fashionista! Just like Wonder Woman, Gadot is a warrior—the difference is that she's a red carpet warrior. Every time she walks, her style just shows off the empowered woman she truly is. She just exudes confidence from her scalp down to her toe!


6. She is a Wonder Woman. While her character is deemed to be the most powerful superhero in the box office now, you cannot deny that Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman gives women the due respect they truly deserve since the beginning. She's become this generation's face of feminism. Need we say more?


We love how Gadot manages to be the newest sex symbol without being actually sexualized—and we know the feminists in all of us are living for it. You go, Gal Gadot!


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Banner photograph from Gal Gadot. GIFs from GIPHY.




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