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Daily Diaries: An Open Letter To All The Misunderstood Millennials

Daily Diaries: An Open Letter To All The Misunderstood Millennials



Dear Millennial,

Just as our older generations thought the war is over, we're left with a war that's just as tough (or even tougher) as they have faced. It is not a war waged with guns and weapons, but with wires and cables that measure someone's life in pixels and bytes. This revolution of technology has left us with a world that's changing more rapidly than we can ever imagine. It has left us with more questions than answers, more uncertainties than promises, and more problems than solutions. All these things resulted in a generation filled with more fear, angst, and doubts instead of hope, inspiration, and love than others. 

With the wealth of information, pieces of advice, and intense training from our education, we're expected to be "smart" and "successful" and to be this and that all at once. We try to make it appear like we've got so much going for ourselves, but, in reality, we're left baffled as all these things leave us feeling empty and burned out at the end of the day. 

But I'm telling you, it's okay to feel lost sometimes—and it's only natural for any human in this fast-paced generation where every thing needs to be delivered in an instant and decisions are expected to made in a snap. 

Don't be too hard on yourself. Give yourself some credit from time to time, but be careful enough to prevent yourself from feeling too entitled. What makes this generation a lot different from the previous ones is the fact that we care too deeply about everything—whether it's about our work, school, and relationships—and because of that, we're oftentimes mistaken as complainers. 

They say that we're too idealistic, we're never content, and we're always reaching for something more—but isn't that a good thing? To always be in pursuit of something greater? To never settle for something that's less than the best? 

I think that's actually what makes us a generation like no other. The older generations may see it as a curse, but I see this generation's passion as a blessing and a powerful drive to fix the errors of the past for the people of the future. Living today's fast-paced lifestyle may be full of advantages yet it is also full of trials that constantly challenge our well-being. But, you see, that's what actually makes us strong, bold, and brave individuals ready to take on the world. 

Now, go be revolutionary. 


Your Fellow Millennial

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