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The Six Fix: Songs We Can’t Wait to Hear Britney Spears Perform Live In Manila

The Six Fix: Songs We Can’t Wait to Hear Britney Spears Perform Live In Manila



This Thursday, Wilbros Live, together with Smart Music Live and Bench, will make our teenybopper dreams come true—the legendary pop princess Britney Spears will be performing in Manila for the first time ever! And oh, baby, baby, we’ve been waiting for this day to come!

As we get our best Britney-inspired outfits ready, we’re also getting ourselves pumped, wishing that she’d add these songs to her setlist. Check out our favorites below; if we missed yours, share yours in the comment box!

1. "Sometimes" (1999)
Oh, to be young and in love! Wouldn’t it be nice to relive your grade school/high school days with one of Britney’s classic love songs? We know you know this song by heart, so get out there in your all-white outfit and show your sweet dance moves!


2. "Toxic" (2004)
Taking a jump from her goody-good girl image to being a fiercer and more mature Britney, one of Britney’s best songs to date, “Toxic,” has earned her a Grammy and several Top 10 spots in the U.S. charts. Just last week, a leaked audio of her non-auto tuned version of the 2004 hit song circulated online, which left fans and critics alike in awe. Bye, haters! 


3. "Me Against The Music" (2003)
We know that kween Madonna won’t be here to perform the song with her, but, really, just want to see Britney dance and party with her all night long!


3. "I’m A Slave For You" (2001)
How could anyone forget her performance of this song at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards? It was so iconic that it has been recreated several times by other celebrities throughout the years—which makes us think, will she perform this song? And, if so, will she be bringing out another exotic animal?


4. "Oops!… I Did It Again" (2000)
The red latex suit, the Titanic reference, and the hot astronauts, how can you not include this single? While it talks about leading men on, it’s one of the classics that will never be forgotten.


5. Work B**tch (2013)
This “girl power” anthem will get your feet dancing on the floor and turning up like you’re in the club! We can already imagine how fun and all-out the Filipino crowd will be when she performs this number.


BONUS: "…Baby One More Time" (1998)

We just couldn't help but add one more to the list—because it’s the song that started the Britney craze after all! “…Baby One More Time” was the jam in the late ‘90s and (is still) everyone else’s go-to karaoke song. Nineteen years later (would you believe?), this song is still making waves; just recently, Ed Sheeran dropped his acoustic version of the classic hit.

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Banner photograph from Wilbros Live.




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