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The World is Your Runway: Travel as Fashion Inspiration

The World is Your Runway: Travel as Fashion Inspiration

People pack their bags and wander to some place new for so many reasons. Some do it to relax; some do it to go on a soul search. Then, there are those who do it to refresh their pair of eyes and eventually find a revived sense of inspiration.

Filipino designers and siblings Happy and Viva Andrada understand the role travel plays in curating their pieces. Having been able to travel frequently, they both share how going to places take them places as far as designing goes.


Filipino Fashion Designers and Siblings Happy Andrada (left) and Viva Andrada (right)

For Viva whose personal style can be described as adventurous, bohemian, and eclectic fun, travel gives her a clear perspective. “Traveling really does broaden one's horizons… When I come back to the Philippines, I have so many ideas I want to put into action.” Focusing more on accessories, Viva adds, "I get my inspiration from life in motion, people walking on the streets, nature, museums, random interesting objects I see."

Viva’s favorite places include Intramuros, Manila for its history; London, UK for convenience of location and transport; Hampton Court, UK for its beautiful garden; Venice, Italy for its romantic vibes; and Las Vegas, USA for its lively entertainment.

As for Happy whose looks can be summed up in vintage pin-up, printed dresses, and comfy-edgy, traveling energizes her. As her name suggests, it also makes her “happy”. She says, “It gives my pieces new life. I'm able to create fresh and edgy pieces because of all the places I've been and all I've experienced.”

While she finds inspiration from a book, an emotion, and architecture, Happy believes that you can get inpired everywhere and basically from anything. “My designs are a fusion of function and intricate design. I like my designs to have a touch of avant garde and edge.”

Happy’s favorite places are Harajuku, Japan for its street style; Mt. Fuji, Japan for its natural serenity; Lucerne, Switzerland for its relaxing, breathtaking view; Czech Republic, Prague for its time travel-worthy architecture; and Amsterdam, Netherland for the liveliness of the world’s bike city.

Together, the Andrada siblings who consider themselves traveling partners wish to visit Luxor, Egypt; Maldives; Sydney, Australia; South Africa; Jerusalem, Israel; and Iceland.


Now do you ever wonder how a place can be converted to fashion inspiration? We asked the Andrada sisters to match a place to their own fashion piece they feel creatively describes it and here’s how it went:


Viva Andrada

Hollywood, California - A place reminiscent of pop art, celebrity sightings, and dreams coming true for aspiring artists.


Las Vegas, USA - The sin city features eclectic vibes, neon bright lights, and crazy fun patterns. 


Venice, Italy - An idyllic spot for lovers, this place is glittery, romantic with a touchy, silky feel. 


Happy Andrada

Hong Kong - Despite its skycrapers, locals still opt for girly dresses for their street fashion. Hongkong also loves this wedding piece so much that Happy was awarded in Asia Wedding Arts & Design.


Miami Beach - Buildings surrounded by waters, Miami beach speaks of textures and layers. Happy also won Emerging Fashion Designer in Miami Beach.


Korea - Ruffles, lace, and everything in between, Korea has a distinct energy to it that can marry both rugged and feminine styles on the streets. Happy was able to represent the Philippines in Korea's Fashion Art Biennale. 


This only says that whichever place you're at, what you have to do is to just take it all in and eventually get inspired from your very surroundings. So the question now is, from where you are reading, what would you like to make today? 




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