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In Focus: 10 Things That Only Happen When Your BF Is Also Your BFF

In Focus: 10 Things That Only Happen When Your BF Is Also Your BFF



Dating your best friend is like having the best of both worlds—you get to have a friend who you can laugh or cry with and a partner who you can connect with in a deeper way all at the same time. Whether you and your guy became BFFs before or after you got romantically involved with each other, what's truly important is that you are each other's best friends because, in the end, that's all that really matters. 

Plus, there are just so many perks to having your BF as your BFF! If you can relate to any of the following, you're definitely one of the lucky ones!

1. You've become so comfortable with each other, you're less embarassed about your own quirks. The best thing about dating your best friend is that you get to skip the "awkward stage" and both of you can just simply be with each other—not only have you accepted each other's quirks, you've also stopped being embarassed about each other's, err, natural bodily functions.


2. You can trust him to order your food for you. Both of you have kind of developed ESP when it comes to everyday choices like food. He knows what you want to order before you even tell him, and he's already memorized what your fave customized crepe flavor or Starbucks drink is!


3. You've never really understood the need to check up on your partner every hour or snoop on his phone. You find it crazy and perplexing whenever you see couples doing it because you can never imagine doing the same to your partner. You're confident and know very well that your relationship is built heavily on trust.



4. Most of your interests and values overlap—not just the typical boyfriend-girlfriend shared interests. Yes, the two of you click as a couple, but you undeniably understand each other and get along well as BFFs, too! Your shared interests and values play a major role in your friendship, but you also have no problems having open and uninhibited conversations with him without fear of judgment because you both know you respect each other deeply enough.


5. He's seen you with your actual #NoMakeUp or #NoFilter look, but still loves you the same (or even more). You've never felt pressured to dress up or look pretty for him all the time because your confident enough that he'll still love you chillin' in those sweatpants with no makeup on just as he loves you in that beautiful dress when you're all dolled up. Sometimes, you're just left in awe every time he calls you beautiful even when you feel like you're at your ugliest. Like, how?


6. You guys have already made countless inside jokes that only the two of you would understand. It's as if both of you have your own different language. You could just point at a random thing or utter a single word and you two would suddenly burst out laughing. 


7. You can hangout together and do nothing but still have the best time. You don't feel pressured to fill in every silent gap in the conversation and you're totally comfortable sitting together in silence as you spend quiet afternoons doing nothing.


8. He makes you laugh like no one else does. If there's one person who knows how to tickle your funny bone or lighten up your day whenever you feel down, that's definitely your guy. You feel like he's the funniest person ever and holding a straight face seems impossible whenever he's in one of his funny moods.


9. He's usually the first person you run to for advice.  When you're at your most vulnerable, there's no one else you trust more with your feelings than your S.O. And when you receive any kind of news, he’s the first person you want to tell it to. He’s your unfaltering support system and you know you can always count on him whenever you need honest advice or a friend who can listen to you.


10. The thought of spending your life with him doesn't make you freak out. You'll never understand why some people view married life as an end to their freedom because the idea of growing old with your best friend actually excites you more than anything else in the world. Most of all, you can't imagine yourself growing gray and wrinkly with anyone else!


Don't you agree that nothing beats having a partner who's also your BFF? If you're currently in a relationship with your BFF, are there any more amazing experiences you wanna let us know about that we've missed here in our list? We'd love to know about it! Share it with us in the comments!


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