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In Focus: 5 Struggles Every Un-Sporty Girl Has To Face

In Focus: 5 Struggles Every Un-Sporty Girl Has To Face



As much as we all want to burn calories and be physically fit, we have to admit that not everyone is born to excel in sports or slay 100% at the gym—and that's perfectly okay! As long as you try to work out from time to time and stay in shape, you're good.

Sometimes, though, no matter how hard we try, we still struggle to achieve our #BodyGoals. Some people may think we're not really trying, but we can't help it—our bodies are just wired a different way! If you're someone who doesn't have a single athletic bone in their body, you'll definitely understand this, along with these things that totally sum up the life of an un-sporty gal!


1. Taking the stairs? No, thank you. Because you don't usually work out and your body can only take so much, you find yourself out of breath and breaking into a sweat after walking up three flights of stairs—and you've lost count how many strange looks you've gotten because of this!


2. You feel nauseous every time you try to work out. Yes, you want to get in shape and have an active lifestyle, but it's just a struggle when your physical endurance is almost non-existent. Every time you try to be extra at the gym, you just end up wanting to puke from exhaustion. 


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3. Cramps any time, anywhere. Since you don't get to stretch those mucles often, you find yourself cramping frequently. From stretching your arms to reach for something or playing a sport with friends. It's also terribly difficult during that time of the month because period cramps tend to be more severe for the not-so-sporty than for those who have an active lifestyle. Can you just imagine the agony?



4. Your response time is just... really... slow. That's why any sport that requires you to play with a ball will always be out of the question because of your reflexes—whenever you see a ball coming towards you, (considering how many times it's hit your face due to your slow response time) your instinct wouldn't be to hit it, but to duck! If only ducking was a game, you'd definitely be the winner!


5. You dread the idea of engaging in a sport or activity that will physically challenge you. You're not quite sure if being unathletic equates to being clumsy, but you've totally lost count of the number of times you've suffered from a sprained ankle or had your face hit with a ball, so you'd rather find other ways to keep fit.


Being unathletic is definitely not easy, especially when you're someone who longs to achieve a certain physique—but, hey, who says you have to be an athlete to lead an active lifestyle and be fit? As much as lying in bed sounds like the better idea, try your best to work out every now and then just so you can keep your body healthy and in good shape. Do it while it's not yet too late! Your future self will thank you for it!

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