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In Focus: Celebrating the Philippine Independence Day With These Hilarious #RP612FIC Tweets

In Focus: Celebrating the Philippine Independence Day With These Hilarious #RP612FIC Tweets



As the Philippines celebrated its 119th Independence Day yesterday, the annual Twitter tradition known as #RP612FIC took over all of our timelines to give us the biggest laughs. While other countries celebrate their respective Independence Days by singing the national anthem, street parties, and visiting historical landmarks, Filipinos use social media and do what we do best—make fun of ourselves and our history. Because Filipinos will always find a way to make something serious into something nothing less than hilarious! (Where did you think the slogan "More Fun In the Philippines" came from?)

Here are the funniest #RP12FIC we saw on Twitter!

If this was the real dance Filipinos performed then, we would have never been conquered by the Spaniards!


Gregorio Del Pilar as Janina San Miguel. Both are iconic—one is dead, the other a living legend!


Independence Day Hugot. People really can't avoid these, especially if it's Araw ng Kalayaan! Kalayaang umibig, kalayaang mag-drama, at kalayaang maginarte!


If Jose Rizal is your boyfriend, you'd actually want to say this!


The original Metro All-Star Cover, May 1897 issue!


If lover boy Jose Rizal lived during this day and age, expect this to be his love letter for you (send to all)!


Then there are jokes you'll feel guilty for laughing so hard at!


Then you found out Maris Racal's hero bloodline! #Palaban


Remember when former President Cory Aquino headlined Coachella in 1986?


If only Gat Jose Rizal could see the Philippines now he'd say, "I died for this?"


There are more where these came from! Check the hashtag then share with us your #RP612FIC faves by leaving a comment below!

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