Hot Stuff: This Brand Famed For Its Printers And Projectors Just Launched Its First Smart Glasses

Hot Stuff: This Brand Famed For Its Printers And Projectors Just Launched Its First Smart Glasses

Epson recently held its annual summer Fusion event at El Nido’s Apulit Island Resort in Palawan, where they invited guests from the media, as well as executives from the Philippines, Japan, and Singapore, to share with us their accomplishments in the past year, as well as to reveal the brand’s newest products and their plans in their continuous pursuit for technological innovation.

As it is widely known, Epson is recognized for its printers. So, it got us curious as to how else this tech giant can change the game in the world of printing. To put it simply, they’ve revealed that not only have they perfected high resolution printing—literally to the dot—but have now introduced the capability of printing designs on cars, as well as on clothes. (See photo below for reference.) It could be life changing—imagine the amount of time and money you’d save if you could just decorate your cars and design your own clothes by yourself!

Another popular specialty Epson has is their projectors. They’ve actually been the number one projector manufacturer in the world for 16 consecutive years. This year, they continue pushing the envelope a little further through new applications such as interactive screens and high-brightness projections for large-scale venues and backdrops. Uses of these would benefit schools, offices, as well as entertainment and leisure establishments.

Now, what was deemed as the main part of the reveal absolutely justified its suspense. In what looked like it could have come from a sci-fi movie, Epson revealed its new product, which lines in with the rise of augmented reality—the Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses. Making use of their cutting edge digital display technology, the glasses act as interactive computer screens, with computer generated images projected onto its lenses.

It's exciting to be living at this age, ain't it?

At the three-day event, Mr. Toshimitsu Tanaka, Managing Director and President, Epson Philippines and Country Manager, Epson Singapore Pte. Ltd., himself could only say excitedly, “2017 is truly vital for the company as we continue to focus on making lives simpler and tasks easier with our innovations."

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