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Cheat Sheet: Delicious, Filling Meals That Are Meat Free? Learn How To Prepare It Here!

Cheat Sheet: Delicious, Filling Meals That Are Meat Free? Learn How To Prepare It Here!

While the Philippines celebrated Independence Day on June 12, the rest of the world commemorated World Meat-Free Day on the same. Since 2015, this foodie holiday has encouraged everyone to pass on meat for one whole day. Aside from promoting a healthy lifestyle, the holiday aimed to raise awareness about the effects of meat production in society. Say, studies in 2013 showed that 75% of our greenhouse gases came from cattle production—a significant figure that will leave you shookt!

Those who have participated at World Meat-Free Day  definitely made a significant contribution to the Earth’s welfare. Quick fact: On top of reducing carbon footprint and calorie intake, they each got to save as much as nine days-worth of water that had gone into meat production! And for you who are curious but carnivorous, our resident foodie and health buff has prepared some alternatives. You might just give going meat-free some second thoughts!


1. Overnight oats with chia. Even the busiest millennial can prepare this breakfast. Give him the night before. The ingredients are easy—fruits, chia seeds, and Greek yogurt, to whip up that energy meal that'll combat that morning slump!

2. Avocado and banana protein smoothie. This smoothie bowl gives a new take on how you eat avocadoes and bananas. Chow away!

3. Egg salad. Erwan’s healthier version of this dish—it has no mayonnaise for starters—makes this a great post-workout recovery meal. Who says you need to down a quarter pound burger for your protein fix?

4. Tofu oat miso soup. Tofu is a healthier alternative to meat: Aside from being rich in protein, it has a good amount of dietary fiber and healthy unsaturated fats as well. Add oats in the mix, and you get a filling soup perfect for cold, rainy nights!

5. Vegetarian pita. This pita sandwich makes use of chickpeas and white beans. Both are healthier meat alternatives, and are inexpensive at the same time. You can make several of these to bring it with you as baon.

6. Three tomato Bruschetta Toast. It’s a healthy snack that you can prepare anytime of the day. The mozzarella cheese and basil give this snack extra oomph!

7. Eggplant and kimchi. The combination has a balance of crunch and spice, and is the perfect dish for those craving for anything Korean sans meat.

8. Coconut Fruit Salad. For those who have a sweet tooth, check out these healthy desserts. In Erwan’s version of the Filipino classic, cream and sugar are substituted with coconut milk and coconut sugar for a guilt-free sweet course.

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Banner photograph screengrabbed from Erwan's Three tomato bruschetta toast video.




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