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The Six Fix: Fictional Men We Wish Were Real (Local Edition)

The Six Fix: Fictional Men We Wish Were Real (Local Edition)



There's no wonder why lots of Filipina gals go gaga over Pinoy romantic films and TV shows—aside from the fact that its light-hearted vibe provides a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of life, it also manifest the amazing things that happen when you're in a relationship with the ideal man. As perfectly imperfect as their characters are, you gotta admit that you've wished these swoon-worthy fictional characters existed IRL at some point! 

1. Clark Medina (James Reid) in On the Wings of Love

Marrying into a family who has a totally different dynamic is never easy, but Clark willingly takes the challege in the name of love. What we can't get over about this character is the fact that he's willing to go to great lengths just to prove how much he truly loves his wife, Leah, despite the infinite number of challenges that Leah's dad has thrown at him. Ain't he a real-life Prince Charming?! 


2. Anton Noble IV (Ian Veneracion) in A Love to Last

As if his ability to juggle his role between being a successful CEO and single parent to his three beautiful kids isn't impressive enough, this dashing businessman would definitely sweep you off your feet with his old-school way of courtship. The way he fought and stood up for the love of his life, Andeng, when everybody (including his own family) seemed to be against her and their relationship just melts our hearts!


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3. Simon "Tenten" Ibarra (Enrique Gil) in Dolce Amore

This guy would show you how far diligence and perseverance would take you, not just in your career, but also in pursuing the person you love. He didn't let his old wounds and dark past discourage him. Rather, he let it become a reason to love his partner (Serena) even more. Loving a guy as broken as Tenten may be tough, but because he's got so much to love to give, you'll surely be overwhelmed with the outpour of his love once he gives it.

4. Richard Lim a.k.a."Sir Chief" (Richard Yap) in Be Careful with My Heart

Because who wouldn't wanna date a successful, handsome pilot?! Kidding aside, Sir Chief may look intimidating at first, but underneath his masungit persona is a actually tender heart who's just longing for love and affection. He's also one of the sweetest and most chivalrous guy you'll ever come across!


5. Kenji Delos Reyes (Daniel Padilla) in She's Dating A Gangster

Kenji may look like the typical bad boy your mother warned you about, but he isn't. (At least, when you truly get to know him.) He may appear to have a heart as cold as stone, but when it comes to love, you'll be surprised how he's a lot softer than you can ever imagine! He's selfless, sweet, and everything you won't expect him to be. He's just full of awesome surprises that will totally blow you away!


6. Anthony Lagdameo (JM De Guzman) in That Thing Called Tadhana

Guys who are actually good listeners are few and far in between. With Anthony, you can rest knowing that you'll always have someone to listen to you—yes, even your most random rants–because that's how good of a listener he is! The way he supports you, looks after you, and puts so much effort in helping you become a better you will absolutely make you fall head over heels, too! 


Did  you find yourselves wishing you could meet these guys IRL, too? If given the chance to date one of them, who among the list would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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GIFs from Pinoy Exchange (Clark and Sir Chief), Tumblr (Tenten and Kenji), ABS CBN Forums (Anthony).




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